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White and trendy beauty lift-eat dirt fashion


Since the second half of last year, then set off a wave of beauty “eat dirt fashion” from the US and Europe model and heiress to the It Girl Japan and South Korea all fell in love with Clay-colored lip gloss, mix powder texture in particular, can show the momentum of authentic Clay-colored.

The so-called Ashen lips, is a gray-scale, dark-colored neutral color lip gloss, as close to the skin color, so more soft and natural than pink, red, and most do not pick the colour of lips, rubbed it on white immediately.

M.A.C Super fog sense lip glaze launched new soil color series, exclusive liquid lipstick design containing long-term moist formula and the high color degrees explicit color pigment technology, leaves-like flat brush head convenient easily paint, build as suede velvet like of fashion powder fog lip, total soil color Coke sugar rose, and soil color coffee milk, and soil color chocolate, and soil color honey Lee, and soil color rose, and soil color red, and soil color grape, and soil color Woods, 8 paragraph soil tones.

White and trendy beauty lift-eat dirt fashion
White and trendy beauty lift-eat dirt fashion

Colored Joker, but the overall make-up but also uncomfortable, ill not only looks like a face. Colorist secrets open! To “soil” have is fashion, except clean of end of makeup and soil color lip color zhiwai, soil color Gill Red also absolute cannot less, if wants to has elegant aerobic color, can nude color soil color lip makeup match peach powder Gill red, let cheek revealing like born of slightly Ruddy natural aerobic color; Europe popular of Red Department soil color lip makeup, is for match with Golden gloss of Red Brown Gill red, not only can upgrade fashion attitude, also while both repair capacity of stereo small face effect.

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