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Hey-heard this 3-matte lipstick-Korea is red?

Hey-heard this 3-matte lipstick-Korea is red
Hey-heard this 3-matte lipstick-Korea is red

Today about these 3 lipstick CP values high, believed to be able to meet all the lipstick controlled “colour collection” desire.

If you love matte lipstick can refer to three popular brands such as Revlon, and Bbia, 3CE. The lipstick is not just appearance beauty to a high value, painting in itself is smooth and delicate, creamy creamy soft texture, lightly coated with great color! If you do not like too much rhetoric, with finger dipped lips make another point, makeup eerily presents another straightforward atmosphere by letting them look cool and handsome. Kong Xiaozhen upgraded host! Painting of the incarnation of jealous OL quality makeup


Revlon new listings “Revlon HD ultra fog lip glaze” evaluation is very good, in addition to Japan and South Korea in discussions between European and American girl also have only a few words.

Wipe the makeup effect is “matte velvet texture”, matte lipsticks on the lips did not wipe dry tight feeling. Pursed lips when there is a comfortable feeling of silky liquid lipstick itself is color, but not evenly, as long as a thin layer can rub on the cover lip color. Is most important in Taiwan Street-10 steps to a chain drug store to buy, starting with difficulty easy little doors, also do not need to worry about buying fake problems. Make women crazy all these years of “grocery model”

Case of not eating, durability has been quite satisfactory, you can treat the lips.

But because this is a very saturated lip makeup effects, is to remember to keep attention to the clean, mottled fading or not occur only with teeth on their predicament. Please form a good habit of mirror to tidy up their appearance at any time, which is very important for girls.

Popular color number: fan Yang bare rose, #620 #600 silk-honey Orange


“Bbia Last Lipstick” other than the classic red tube Green tube, also recently introduced a gold and rose gold, difference is a new series of moisture a Mimi, with original packaging square matte style is different. Network has a bunch of Taiwan Japan Korea blogger and YouTuber color solid wipe color photos, interested friends can take a look at the Google big gods recommend.

Bbia lipstick no matter which one, the biggest feature is the “Super color” and “very smooth”, and have no sense of foreign body sensation in the lips. Texture good push like a cream, apply it on the lips on their special clothing doesn’t begin to make lip lines color card. Of course, if your chapped lips lack of water, first aid moisturizing lip balm on before they are required to do, subsequent makeup will be smooth and beautiful. After all, there’s nothing to be excellent shade of lipstick in a high profile, East West a mottled patches of makeup dilemma more intense.

Hot colors: #4, and #5, and #7, and #8, and #9 (brick-red was popular)

Not surprisingly, top names of Korea brand 3CE is also on the list.

3CE is Korea local clothing brand stylenanda its of makeup series, style and professional makeup MAC similar, simple of packaging and invincible of explicit chroma let with had of people down, most important of is that a Zhang Zhang exquisite of “real wipe as”, please to Korea local Super red of models shooting, they a beauty to let people look memorable, no wonder rises a votes girl heart of raging fire, not with home how line.

Following the network voice bubble groups after a series of ultra high autumn 3CE launched a series of “khaki/color” Lipstick (3CE MOOD RECIPE MATTE LIP), the color is popular in Europe and America was, known as commonly known as the “earth tones”. Soft and full of deep intellectual temperament nude color in autumn and winter are always particularly welcome special 3CE, bring up the add “red” deep nude, this brand is less often seen in Asia.

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