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Short version of the knit-significantly high-small women also have spring!

Short version of the knit
Short version of the knit

Cheers! Winter finally came ~ buy knitwear in advance they can finally wear! Believed that many girls like knit clothes, but if you don’t get dressed. not fat swollen, is somebody else wear called momentum. called me clothes (miserable) especially small women are more prone to this kind of situation. and exactly what to wear to high?

What is drop shoulder style? Lower sleeves and shoulder lines (the red circle) wear such styles of clothes, your shoulders down, shoulders on Visual “narrow” feeling, narrow shoulders, body would look more slender elongated Oh!

Another benefit of drop shoulder style is, snapping and breaking, broad-shouldered all the meat will instantly disappear.

TIPS2 tumbling is important

Don’t think thick-knit long coat will look smaller! In fact, because of thick-knit heavy enough, can bring a beautiful feeling of tumbling and visually make body became more slender Oh!

TIPS3 put on shoes

The most direct way is to directly put on heels, increase height! High heels or boots can be, do you think that’s not enough height? Try the lower half with the color matching, black pants with black boots, Visual display more points higher.

TIPS4 with shorts, skirts do mix

Make sure there is “beauty does not fear a runny” Heroes! Even colder. just to look good still wear short skirts going out. then you can choose the thickness of the coat knitting long version. long version version under the coat. not only can be modified in shape. but also Visual conflicts through short and long coats, to create a “significantly high”.

Using the collocation method, even if wearing flat shoes, are still “high” illusion.

Is actually really simple  tell us knitted items, but the boys in the eyes of most goodwill items Oh because wearing knitted feeling will become tender and soft  so to arouse the boys ‘ protection.

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