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Foreign media comment on Samsung Note7 2016 worst electronics list top


2016 holiday shopping surge just to cool, the media has counted out the most popular electronic products. But the worst products of the year then what is it?
In recent days, surging journalists, according to today’s United States, and Gizmodo and Engadget site put together an annual worst list of electronic products.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung flagship phones should be the most suspense of the worst products of the year. When it is just listed, Gizmodo and other technology media are holding it into “the best Android phone on the market”, but it wasn’t long before it began to explode one after another, has also been recalled twice before closing down product line. Period, it was blacklisted by major airlines, because of concerns about unsuspecting users to continue to use Samsung remote software to its official “brick”. When a cell phone after burning, people can recognize it, said unison Note 7 o’clock, this product must also have won the year’s worst.
Samsung blast washing machine

2016 Samsung’s key words are “fried”. Fried up exploded with cell phone and laundry facilities. Some models of Samsung uncover washing machine causing a total of about 730 explosions, in which 9 people were injured. In November, the company announced it is recalling 2.8 million-uncover the brand washing machines.
Samsung washing machine “explosion” is different from the cell phone battery explosion, was not caused by the thermal explosion with a spark, but shake shake at high speed parts automatic dissolution because the top cover of the washer not fully fixed because of design flaws, leading washing machine lid flew out.
Electric balancing skateboard Hoverboard

Specifically, Hoverboard should be 2015 products, however, this trend is ending in 2016. United States International Trade Commission banned imports of Hoverboard products in any form, Chinese manufacturers will naturally reduce production. Hoverboard explosion, June 2015 until May 2016, 500,000 such products in the United States were recalled for fire ignition.
GoPro Karma drone

This UAV was appeared in almost all of the annual worst list. GoPro camera products by playing extreme sports’s shot off upload video and quickly hit the sea God, after the past few years, the company also has done large, ready to vote–do the drones. GoPro Karma appeared, companies advertise heavily, and its quite good also in the industry. However, began GoPro camera drones went out in the first paragraph has an Achilles ‘ heel–part of the drones in flight suddenly loses power and crashes. Finally, the GoPro had to recall all 2500 drone, and a full refund.
True wireless earbuds

With the explosion of electronic products, compared to the high drone, wireless headsets, after all, harmless, but they’re not so good. This year, Bragi Dash, and Erato Apollo 7s, Jabra has introduced a real wireless earbuds, Apple AirPods profile being laughed at, but at least with this wind.
But their disadvantage is obvious: not only are they easy to lose, but also because each ear shape wear problems–some people reflect the easy out, was reflected in it. Wireless headset is easy to run out of juice, designs tend to look good, and expensive prices. Various manufacturers to produce the wireless headset can solve these problems, it is estimated that it still takes time.

Foreign media comment on Samsung Note7 2016 worst electronics list topForeign media comment on Samsung Note7 2016 worst electronics list top
Foreign media comment on Samsung Note7 2016 worst electronics list top

Mocoro plush sweeping robot

With home products and higher degree of automation, now available in different brands, different ideas are sweeping the robots more and more, but the Japan Mocoro plush sweeping robots should be seen in the most useless. It is a circular shape of the hair bulb, scroll through the dust adhesion surface to achieve the purpose of cleaning. But tests have found it clean is not only inefficient, the results were very poor, sticky sticky dust and people were walking out on the soles of the same, so it’s a downright tasteless product.
Razer Nabu smart watches

Gaming company Razer does not know why, suddenly made a smart watch. But just by looking at the above dimensions, let people think designers, creative, both lacking in good faith. I do not know whether the effects of nearly two years and the game world arcade nostalgia, this “Watch” shape 90 people pulling into the streets electronic memories. In addition to the shape is big and not simple, it shows we are not agile enough. Besides pedometer function and push some mobile phone information, this section of more than 1000 Yuan of “Watch” nor are there many other functions. It is no wonder that now watch a sold no more than.

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