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Emotion is the devil


Emotion is the beast. When you decide to no longer care about the time, life is good.


If your mind is a mess,

You see the world is a mess

You want more, encountered more trouble; nothing, but without a bit of trouble. You are afraid of more and more people who bully you; not afraid of anything, but no one dares to bully you.

So, don’t just give, when wronged, you have the courage to say No. Can make you laugh is the best life.

People who don’t love you too mean

Nobody really kind to you all my life. How many people in all will be lost, only waking up: love the generous, not excessive consumption. Everyone has tempered, for you to endure all the anger just because that person love you more than you.

Life is not perfect, there is always a bitter tears, always a slip of regrets, there is deep resentment, there is always regret that I hate. Life is perfect, and always keep us in tears laughing, Epiphany in regret, resentment in the reservoir, hate love. From tomorrow on, do the people: they followed by understanding, let it be.

With a natural attitude and the will to live, you’ll find inner happiness, arrogant to thrive.


There is always a way, can you go

There are a lot of things, you need to carry one. Don’t be afraid of loneliness, it can help you draw a cloudy, you cannot Reject its destiny; don’t escape the hardship, let Leng Shi dust, freeze your smile, slowing your steps. Longer, more old time and more light. Never forget yesterday, it is bound up the shadows; longing for tomorrow, you can picture it looks like.

Each Caterpillar can become your own butterflies. But before you turn into a butterfly, their first into a cocoon the pupa. Face in the cocoon created by pain, no struggle or attempt to change is futile. Pupa has only one choice is to give up all resistance to fully accept the present moment, still waiting. Until the day the chrysalis into a butterfly.


So much when you think something is going to kill you,

It will pass away

So how do you think is going to hold the last position, will slowly get better. Even if more slowly, as long as you are willing to wait, it will be a thing of the past. That you cannot overcome, insurmountable, cannot be tolerated, not Catholic, told himself, who cannot “kill” you, will make you stronger.

Happiness is when the passion back, looks, your is not resentment of hand; when wealth gone, nothing with you or that does not return the heart. As long as you are happy, everything else doesn’t matter.


Life is not for compromise

You flinch more, gives you more breathing space is limited; days are not used to, you act the more humble, happy things farther away from you. Some things without having to put yourself too low, only straight back, the world will give you feedback.

A boss would not give up and tried to run away just one employee doing; a couple fighting, there is no contradiction, it won’t divorce, a couple for some small thing comes apart. After all, you’re put in on an event, a relationship, decide how big you can withstand the pressure. Great is boil out. Why endure, because ordinary people cannot afford the grievances you have to bear.

Emotion is the beast. When you decide to no longer care about the time, life is good.

Emotion is the devil
Emotion is the devil

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