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Early spring-These 4 actresses have tried-cherry lips

Early spring-These 4 actresses have tried-cherry lips
Early spring-These 4 actresses have tried-cherry lips

Girls on the road have changed in autumn and winter for winter dry rose or red lips warm brick, “stable and versatile” dry rose is very popular with girls of reason, but dry rose is pretty nice, but fashion always had been a bit greasy for so long?

This month a series of 2017 spring makeup, and colorful color scheme really make people’s eyes light up. One step earlier than others and put on cherry powder, makeup and of course want to keep up with fashion. Numerous end of a dinner party, quickly makes one feel very good this “Fuchsia” rub on your lips.

Want to look young and beautiful? Refer to the Angelababy’s “Crystal cherry blossom lips”; to fashion and fashion sense? Refer to the Marilyn Monroe’s “Han Niu cherry blossom lips”; want to look dignified and stable? Refer to the Alyssa’s “micro-mist cherry blossom lips” want cute? Please refer to the fan “beautiful cherry blossom lips” create a sense of beauty. Avoid lip look? Baby smile lip outline

Rainie Yang

Fear of makeup too suddenly can’t hold it?

This bright cherry peach like Barbie, many girls do not know how to manage it. In fact this “high profile cherry powder”, and well you can immediately make skin white, a color. Use the same color cheek swipe, look wonderful with a faint sense of transparency, we would have let apples muscle Peng run-results. Remember that the face as long as a key is good, don’t let the eye makeup and blush snatch lips style, “light of God” is Rainie overall emphasis of makeup.


Want younger natural makeup?

Angelababy with the “crystal clear” lip gloss or lip glaze, rub on lip products, painted the floor directly on the lips and lip “repeat Diego wiped” you can achieve the same effect as baby.

Bright lip makeup most for wants to “Doodle Feng lip” of girl, like YSL new out of “love pick lure Kiss double color honey Lipstick” and hot long sold products “YSL luxury satin surface mirror light lip glaze (water Kiss series #203 #205 #214)” and “DIOR addiction lure mirror light pretty lip color #453” are can shaping out soft tender Q play of Visual effect. In addition to these 2 makes Japanese cosmetics such as “Shiseido all star Mac Frost lipstick lip #PK400” also has very good bright effect.

Color choice, the cool tones of “cherry pink” white best, Orange tones of “orange pink” for everyone, Huang muscle girls can also be polished is very beautiful. Assuming today you focus the eyes, lip gloss is suitable for such a transparent product, can be a good fit for a small supporting role.

Do you think that “cherry pink” only girls can handle it?

It would be wrong, has had 2 lovely daughters Taiwan actress Alyssa Chia, cute-daughter steal the power class. 42 year old mature at various occasions, even if the macro also can see it, skin white and texture carefully maintained, people sigh was born.

TIPS want to present elegant makeup like Alyssa and do more than just cute? Then select “saturated” with “moderately bright” lip makeup. Remember to use lip liner-painted lips, lipstick covered lips, not only can conveniently modify the lip contour makeup effects can also be strengthened.

Bingbing fan

Fan ye rare cute “cone” yay!

Rub on pink lip color can make instant young 3, lip lines don’t paint too obvious, deliberately open lips lip gloss around, manufacturing seemed “a little fuzzy” effect, looks instantly smaller 3. Mix at the same time, I heard very red “short bangs”, it can let you stay on the MoE index Shoop Shoop Shoop to flee.

When hairstyles makeup looks when young, wear but needs a little sedate elegance, or a drop of makeup and tender no anti-IG can be embarrassing.

Of course, we will not forget the good match and a feminine salmon pink, matte texture, can significantly improve the overall makeup texture. Perhaps “Grup” is no crystal, transparent, shiny lip gloss is good, woman is play just well, looked gentle and elegant and very warm, most suitable for tying head or temperament ladies and pretty ponytail stressed.

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