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Actress was verbal harassment ROAR

Actress was verbal harassment ROAR
Actress was verbal harassment ROAR

Stars are more or less harassed by fans of experience, United States actress and singer Yali Anna Grande (Ariana Grande) this due to fans with sex discrimination harassment seriously angry, not only on Twitter long text, and roared: “I’m not a piece of meat! 」

Yali Anna size Twitter Merle left describes the process of the whole thing. She and her rapper boyfriend Mike Miller (Mac Miller) go out to buy food, a male fan followed them back to the car, excited to emphasize that he is a fan of Mike Miller. At first she thought such a move pretty cute, but fans said then: “your girlfriend hot no! I see you have sex with her too! “She burned up all anger.

Yali, Anna said: “some people think it’s no big deal, but I feel very uncomfortable. I was there, just sitting there now! “She said, such as women feel uncomfortable and afraid to do occur all the time. She said: “I am not a piece of meat, for men only please. I can respect me, I love the people. 」

Decided to write down the process public, because Yali Anna feel, most of the time men used harsh words to describe women, made everyone uncomfortable. She thought the best way was to say it out loud for these difficulties, to express their dissatisfaction. Because if the silence aside, such things can only be waged unceasingly.

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