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2017CES most interesting top 5 hot


The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will lay the foundations for technological trends for the coming year. 2017 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas on January 5, led by Microsoft and Apple products, when manufacturers will have some hot new field of computer.

1, one more touch-screen

When it comes to marketing interests, tablet computers may have had a heyday, but that does not mean the idea of computing is no longer flat. Electronics analysts say smart phones is on the rise becomes leading automotive electronics, and has been driving the development of driving to the touch, this touch-driven model, is also spreading to tablet computers and tablets into laptops. More than 20-year-olds and younger users have touch-screen environment to grow, if from the “tool box” delete touch screen, is to cut off their hands and feet. To this end, Microsoft and Apple are promoting touch technology, such as Microsoft Surface is highly publicized Microsoft Studio monitors, on the use of touch technology features, make it look like a touch-screen tablet, Apple will also launch new touch technology such as touch-sensitive keyboard. Analysts believe that Apple in the development of this technology will be most noticeable.

2, innovative user interface

User interfaces need innovation, October 2015 because Apple updated its iMac desktop computer user interface has been away for a while now, and since its launch in Mac Pro2013, has vigorously promoted the innovation of computers based on Windows system, many manufacturers are developing new ideas. Analysts believe that Windows manufacturers will have new ideas for next year.

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced Surface Dial, to provide users with a new way of interacting with the computer. Surface Dial can be rotated around, push, software toolbars, palettes, and other functions in a hardware entity, by left and right rotate the selection and press OK, no need to hand, mouse or pen to select menu. As in painting, Surface Dial can serve as color plates, quickly change the colors, and the user’s hand can be altered with a new color directly, will not interrupt the creative process. Surface Dial using Bluetooth connectivity, system requirements for Windows 10-year update, in addition to supporting Surface Studio, you can also mix Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, but only Surface Studio supports touch-screen positioning function. Priced at $99.99.

3, more security features

The National Retail Federation reports that more than half of all consumers use their computers and smartphones for online shopping. To this end, taking into account the proliferation of Internet hackers, users need to be more secure online, which is businesses and strive to provide customers with service.

Fingerprint sensors are used in calculators, Touch sensor ID and pay Apple (ApplePay) has also been used, these have laid the groundwork for computer settings similar to the security features of the Windows system, more computer security technologies in the future, such as face recognition login may be in practice. Analysts say related industries is focus on creating better security system.

4, attract more gamers

It is predicted that the 2019 electronic entertainment market share likely will be close to $1 billion, so that more and more manufacturers are looking to develop more popular games and entertainment products. Sure is, in addition to software and other services, at the current session on the CES people will see some companies specifically targeting gamers launch Games PC and laptop. Although some manufacturers have tried to game the market customers around $1000 price of computer equipment, but analysts believe that players hope they continue to offer more expensive, more sophisticated equipment in order to meet the strong demand of the most demanding players and Player users will be spared to buy a really powerful computer equipment. Therefore, this exhibition people are likely to see more support from Oculus Rift and virtual reality technology HTC Vive laptops and desktops.

5, launched the next generation Chromebooks

Chromebook is Google launching network notebook. This is a brand new laptop, known as “online”, can provide comprehensive network and application services. Using Google Chrome OS system laptop computers, even Samsung and Acer notebook has made it clear that the introduction of the system, when the Chrome notebook will be collectively known as the Chromebook. Earlier this year, Google has begun to launch in Chromebooks Play store application, which allows computer users to access the built-in Android applications. Analysts believe the design of next generation Chromebooks is likely to touch-screen features, at the same time, in order to make up for the effects of lack of touch-screen brightness and clarity of the next generation offering higher-resolution display.

2017CES most interesting top 5 hot2017CES most interesting top 5 hot
2017CES most interesting top 5 hot

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