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Phantom Classic 2R 6 under par stayed red Pearl, huh Yun has passed 2 tazza

Phantom Classic 2R 6 under par stayed red Pearl, huh Yun has passed 2 tazza
Phantom Classic 2R 6 under par stayed red Pearl, huh Yun has passed 2 tazza

[Golf South Korean Cho min-wook reporter] this year, South Korea women’s Pro golf (KLPGA) tour of Lords Park Sung-hyun (23, Yep) this Phantom Classic day 2 shot down, but the ankle was captured in the joint 3 top hunting destination were to come to a close.

As early as the end of the 2016 season almost as turned out to be the hero of the individual titles. The prize is to confirm a King and Queen and get even the minimum award w a viable Park Sung-Hyun is the KLPGA tour was the ‘ player of the year ‘ award, and Jin-young (21, yup) and been engaged.

But rival and team 5, 88 country club in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do (par 72/6, 598 yards) was held at the Phantom Classic (total prize money won in 6 billion, 1 billion earn 2,000 prize) in the second round gweonhamyeonseo Park Sung-Hyun is also in the top 10 leading to the destination point within the standing is unshirkable.

Park Sung-Hyun to play accompanied by a camp 10 hole in the Hall shortly after the bitter cold, many with signs out of the remaining games.

However, Park Sung-hyun in the final three rounds to take the six-day changeover is expected not to win. Season 8 has fallen to bring a sense of imperative to grab the win.

On the eve of the sharp shot 5 Taranaki was from the lead alone by reducing the Park Sung-Hyun is the day iron shot would dull sense stood out. Double view and one show, two Birdies over the par-73, weave 3 1 4 under par 140 halfway total carded get stirred to write down the name of the Group on a joint 3.

2 as soon as you start the round 2 hole (par 4) hit driver from the tee shot OB (out-of-bound) flew into sections at once lost was fatal to two strokes.

Park Sung-Hyun is the third hole (par 3) tried to make one with a four-birdie hole (par 5) stirred the view back from the WinCE. Since the 8 hole (par 5) caught birdie at the 11th hole (par 4) view and changed the shot. 16 hole until the day when the County is less than 2 shots bereaved Park dont 17 hole (par 4) pledged last day while adding a birdie.

Park Sung-Hyun tied ahead of spiral huh Yun-Kyung (26 · SBI savings bank), red Pearl (33, daebang construction) and in the course of the two-stroke is not easy to chase taxing..

Moreover, Park Sung-Hyun and shoulder-to-shoulder on a joint 3-Zhang Su-yeon (22 and Lotte), Kim Ji-Hyun (22, hanwha l & c), Kim Bo-Kyung (I’m 30 and construction), and to beat players despairing Kim min-Sun (21 · CJ o shopping), Kim Jin (21/yo construction), and this year’s winner from the names on the list members Park Sung-Hyun 1-co-8 (3-under par 141 RBI).

Two weeks straight win third place in the ranking to rise and gunning for ‘ master ‘ putting Lee Seung-Hyun (25 · NH investment & Securities Co., Ltd.) Park Sung-Hyun get outdated in 2 joint top 10 (2-under par 142) win over looking up on reversing the situation.

After completing the second round Park Sung-hyun in the match before the start of practice “, in fact better than yesterday because I like a sense of expectation and the impact came on the first hole, a tee shot to the left, thinking, ‘ I wonder ‘ cause warps the effect to the left will continue to hit the ball. But getting the sense that was found in the second half was okay, “he explained.

He “lost in your pockets, but Cox still good sense in the final round, wish I had some good results,” he said. “This course is a second-shot strategy is very important. If the iron shot good enough to score, because it reduces the second shot, try to focus on, “he prepared the stage.

To accompany the play was given in the morning from the camp of the “show had a lot of worries in the body do not like, and end up with the Chi hoped the road” and “I say” get well soon.

Recent United States LPGA tour next year, investigation and management contract and decided to row one Park Sung-hyun’s “management is obviously mind off light and relaxed,” and “did not start yet studying English is expected to start soon,” he said.

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