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New home golfers ‘ Heo, Yoon Kyung · ‘ Mom stayed red Pearl, golfers ‘ 2R

New home golfers ' Heo, Yoon Kyung · ' Mom stayed red Pearl, golfers ' 2R
New home golfers ‘ Heo, Yoon Kyung · ‘ Mom stayed red Pearl, golfers ‘ 2R

The new quarry tags from the wedding House huh Yun-Kyung (26 · SBI savings bank) is at the top of the leader board long-awaited name Ollie the foothold of the first season win.

Heo, Yoon-Kyung-Eun 5, Gyeonggi-do Yongin 88 country club (par 72/6, 598 yards) was held at the Korea women’s Pro golf (KLPGA) tour Phantom Classic (total prize money won in 6 billion, 1 billion earn 2,000 prize) in the second round birdie 4 dogs and 1 with three shots.

Write down the intermediate totals six under par 138 RBI came up huh Yun Eun veteran red Pearl (33, daebang construction) side-by-side with co-leader. Moreover, two of the tournament, leaving the two tournaments, including next year’s seed took the prize ranking within 60 days but the desperate wife residual stomach down and tied up the score and got a chance to win.

Sept. 11, chungnam Taean Sol says Golf course from a wedding in huh Yun Eun honeymoon United States held in Incheon yeongjong-do the right stall 13, women’s Pro golf (LPGA) tour was exhibiting at the Bank one Championship KEB.

2012 and 2014 ranking climbed above two times the Prize 2 huh Yun Kyung-Eun since the beginning of the knee injury symptoms became tournament last August in the background. This year, returning to the tour in may, but still did not come out when the heyday of skills.

But on this day, Park Sung-hyun (23, yup) and Lee Seung-Hyun (25 · NH investment & Securities Co., Ltd.), and don’t break the top prize of the season who touches a top stitch.

Heo, Yoon-Kyung-Eun is the strength of their family “Cheer” and “a mistake, especially when a lot of over the top when you return home, my husband got a deundeunhada,” he said.

10 hole (par 5) and 11 hole (par 4) at 8 ~ 10m feel good as a continuous distance of buddy from huh Yun Kyung-Eun 16, 17th hole (par 4) each tried to get away from 2m 1 reduces the integrity by Petraeus to play.

But the second half came from a three-hole (par 3), did not catch up to the view. Huh Yoon-Kyung-Eun hit tee shots into the Green left a 4-iron, now 58, also tried to approach the wedge. However, the ball fell to the point where the PIN on the right 5m, there bisnagamyeon the first putt par try one get lost.

So good huh Yun Kyung-Eun “putt very good sensitivity, sensitivity to the shots are getting better. I thought I would, “he said without missing a chance to come to for winning the wind did not hide. The most recent is rushing into the Cup two years ago, October 2014 Seoul economy ladies classic.

The prize is a ranking on a five-hole red Pearl, 53 (4) came from this article and add the view with three birdies to get to win in 12 years while reducing the challenge.

1st round 2nd round joint lead ranking above the joint up two red Pearl “today shot Eagle also was lucky while the difficult birdie” and “today’s hits and tied to goal had caught the mood in a bar come true, but the goal is a bit much for me although in view”.

The sense of anxiety and the whole shot than was the day before the red pearls are putting great distances, however, Hall was able to reduce the par to fall into the Cup. In a three-hole (par 3) the early pin attempt from the left Green Edge putt birdie 10m success, 5th hole, leaving eight iron 147 yards to writing a shot.

4 hole (par 5), seven-hole (par 3), 11th hole (par 4), each 10m, 6m, 7m from a distance write view as two putt.

The three year-old son to raise ‘ mom golfers ‘ red Pearl. In June this year Kia Motors South Korea women’s open vision at (32/Golden blue) watched the Championship saw him “congratulations and prayed” envy “was impressed by the same mother as a golfer, I figured it would be hard to hit as hard as” and pose “at this time, let me give the greedy once my” prepared to stage.

By the end of the day, brought his son in time for Red Pearl, “a couple of times when I was a kid had come to take a big look at my mom yelling at me as I am not coming to take during the tournament,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the eve of the first-round lead on five shots worked alone by reducing the amount of Park Sung-Hyun lost 4 under par 140 1 shots get sued, and above the joint 3 camp appealed to many colds and were waived. Lee Seung-Hyun hit even par is a joint 10 (two under par 142).

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