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“Hole in one prizes BMW is the father of gifts”

Hole in one prizes BMW is the father of gifts
Hole in one prizes BMW is the father of gifts

[Golf South Korean Cho min-wook press] “The injuries received by the car as a gift to the father’s plan to drill.”

This season, the South Korea women’s Pro golf (KLPGA) tour prize money ranking 3 running on ‘ master ‘ putting Lee Seung-Hyun (25 · NH investment & Securities Co., Ltd.) have been waiting for this for an unforgettable hole in one record and jackpot luck.

Before we knew it, joined the senior ranks of Lee Seung-Hyun has been exceptionally lucky to have had a hole in one at the official tournament.

Recorded five times already in the General round of ACE, but did not reach the great hole in one essential tour when Lee Seung-Hyun. He’s a fly in the room almost exhilarating shots scored on the KLPGA tour the Phantom Classic.

Lee Seung-Hyun is held in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, 88, four days of golf in round 1 Park Sung-hyun (23, yup), and Jin-young (21, yup) and Joe started a 10-hole made.

3 out of Hall in the early recorded a par Lee Seung-Hyun 13 hole (par 3, 130m), 7 hit the ball in front of the PIN holding the iron 4m and drop into the hole stuck in hole in one of the pleasure to taste.

The first recorded hole in one contest tour Lee Seung-Hyun won the 1 million it took in the Hall-730d BMW Xdrive 30 passenger car injuries.

Lee Seung-Hyun is “close to the ball falling into the Hall I’ve scraped the scene hadn’t seen” “but so many galleries all shout loudly ‘ hole in one ‘ have been found,” he said.

On October 30, just five days before the Honma Golf ladies classic top prize for the second season in 1 billion received by Lee Seung-Hyun is “luck seems to come overlap” and rejoiced.

Hole in one and Birdie one, view one weaves two under par 70 hit Lee Seung-Hyun is the sole leader Park Sung-Hyun three shots behind joint sixth place.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-Hyun to play accompanied by a Park Sung-Hyun is still a hole in one in the tournament, the tour.

Park Sung-Hyun is the part 2 of the tour when I tried to hole in one seed seed I had bittersweet experience, before Proctor high school students when a hole in one at the tournament with injuries after receiving 2,000 bottles of Bacchus, said the fence.

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