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必勝練習生 第15集 Love by Design Ep 15

必勝練習生 第15集 Love by Design Ep 15

必勝練習生 第15集. Watch Video Episode 必勝練習生 第15集. Dailymotion Video Love by Design Ep 15. Eng Subbed Video Love by Design Ep 15. Dailymotion Free Video Link Love by Design Ep 15, Tonight Drama Love by Design Ep 15.

Love by Design Eps 15 Eng Subbed Video 

Alan Kuo, Lin Yu晞 and then eastern new plays of the winning trainee, adapted Korean drama since the Tong Yanmei of women, the play lishufen (Lin Yu晞), 66 years old, but pretend that he is only 215 years old and younger than his Song Zhongji (Alan Kuo) who met fell in love. 150th actor groups present at the press conference, Lin XI hot a cute curly hair, laughs nicknames to each other as “lean”; plays out is in fact smaller than Alan Kuo, but development of sister and brother love.

Alan Kuo long in Taiwan filming, 150th at the press conference, he nearly 6 years old, life friends are married, and still single, he says, not even Darren married 8 months after asking him, the two had no contact, afraid of her anger. He also revealed that the last year has been filming in mainland China, and has a year broke up with his ex-girlfriend, “we get far more, with candidate partner really can often stay in the side.

必勝練習生 第15集

Alan Kuo played in the second generation, but for some reason does not enter the family business, select “second generation”, entering the job market start from the grassroots, with actress Lin Yu晞 looked at each other and hate because of the misunderstanding, when two people work for the same company after, also because of long and long raw. Lin XI plays one of 21, enter design for sister company, conceal pretending to be 6 years old sister twists and turns began her career.

Since the forest to wait for the role to eventually becoming a fashion designer, tailor lessons before filming she went, making the class, privately asked designer friends and students of design, from clothing designed to play, whether it is technology, tools, proper nouns are enough Kung Fu, also wrote a book full of notes, is to convince viewers of acting. Worried that viewers would come tell original zhangnala? “I love zhangnala, can play the role with her happy, but due to the version of the story has adapted and more character, more comedy and character, hope to the Taiwan audience does not feel the same.

必勝練習生 第15集 Love by Design Ep 15
必勝練習生 第15集 Love by Design Ep 15

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