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Klose retirement-goodbye Mister World Cup

Klose retirement-goodbye Mister World Cup
Klose retirement-goodbye Mister World Cup

World Cup stage include ‘ football hero Miroslav Klose (39, Germany) and active life. Germany Football Association two days (Korean standard time) on active duty through the House, “Klose is the official Nuri announced to retire” and “yo-power led by Germany national team coach directed Loeb plans to join,” said the official announcement.

Uwe seeler, Gerd Müller, Jürgen, ‘ only represent a clean Germany striker Klose last ‘ 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup Brazil 2014 World Cup to start four consecutive World Cup finals stage and World Cup record 16 goals ‘, which is a record of the legendary striker ‘.

Last season Lazio SC (Italy) and of the contract expired after retirement and active life at the crossroads was Klose said in an interview with the Germany Football Association “in connection with the active life and ponder a lot over the last couple of months, but now it is called when you try a new challenge concluded,” he said, commenting the retirement.

Always a colourful ‘ Mr. World Cup ‘

In addition to offering excellent scoring ability to declare retirement Klose with world soccer was a ‘ Star ‘ of the system.

Since their debut in 2001 in 137 games for the national team for 14 years to 71 goals scored, and scored the match as a professional player 485 198-Trine striker. He is A match for the national team scoring record in Trine Germany scored a record record.

80s France Auxerre in Poland National handball football player who represented the player jumped from the father and the mother born in between Klose and other childhood become the ball with the Tots ‘ no. 2 was an ordinary boy who dreamed of Gerd Müller ‘.

Klose is the so-called ‘ genius Star ‘ and is far from the player. Germany (part 7) in the League starting with the Laubach 19-year-old in 1998, FC Homburg (5 League) ever, and only one season in 1999, Kaiserslautern 2 Army (3rd Division) to the enemy and that the right has been chosen for the 23-year-old district 1 Kaiserslautern in Bundesliga debut on stage was a typical late bloomer players.

When his life is a 24-year-old Rudy Feller remained in the eyes of the Germany national team coach was picked and started to change once and for all. In March 2001, Albania in World Cup qualifiers with A match got to put personal debut match, Klose scored his debut in a 2-minute play and pulled the winning goal and Germany at the heart of football fans.

Since the World Cup ahead of the friendly match with Austria in Israel before and after the two consecutive hat-trick (three goals) was the team star striker Oliver throwing off an empty hope once and for all the World Cup weeks ago striker his reformist image.

2002 World Cup is named the world’s football fans ‘ Klose ‘ was certainly a hallmark of which was the stage. Klose is a group stage started with a hat-trick before Saudi Arabia, who was the former Ireland, Cameroon scored a goal apiece in the subsequent one tree and the splendor of his first World Cup stage.

He was held in Germany in the World Cup, four years after the mark 5 goal scorer in the tournament, had come to shore to drive, and the name of the best in the world in front of Klose called ‘ modifier is being started. 2010 FIFA World Cup, defeating race ‘ authentic ‘ record stretched.

Australia and the starting match of the group stage scoring in the quarter-finals in England and scored 16, and scored goal no. 12 of the World Cup, Klose in the tree is ‘ football Emperor ‘ Pele scored a record four successive World Cup with a joint name. Of course, this was not the end. Argentina in the quarterfinals with two goals for the seniors ‘ and ‘ pulled Gerd Müller scored a tie with.

Brazil 2014 World Cup football to life Klose damage circlet was the best moments. The 36-year-old looked quite thorough in spite of the sincerity of his administration and Brazil’s World Cup roster by a distinctive name from Klose is out of the qualifying Group 2 match in the World Cup, scoring a goal and 15 ‘ Brazil’s football legend Ronaldo and scored a tie.

Forever broken seemed not the history of the 2014 World Cup No. 16 on July 8, was written anew. 4 in the quarter-finals to Brazil Starter lined up Klose overall 23: his primary weapon by shooting the right foot Sailing World Cup Brazil goal ruined No. 16 goals. Klose is a personal career goal during the World Cup, along with no. 16 lift up Cup and his final World Cup soccer made the best moments of life.

Klose is now a member of the Germany national football team coaching staff, by another myth challenge. Coming 11 days before the World Cup qualifier against San Marino debuted as head coach of the Russia 2018 World Cup, Klose is coming how gorgeously light is already expected to fly.

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