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Memories of past classic Nokia phones: never forget

Memories of past classic Nokia phones never forget
Memories of past classic Nokia phones never forget

Speaking of popular mobile phones, what do you think? Large screen, full metal, dual camera, or double-curved screen? These elements together make up the vast majority of mobile phones currently on the market, nothing makes people tired. But these changes, is Apple’s lead. When the iPhone turned out completely upset the restructuring of industry, fit well, survival and development; do not follow, and exits. Said previous mobile phone design, it is strange, and gimmicky. Straight, flip, slide, capping, full keyboard … … And spoke of all the deep emotional branding, it would not belong to Nokia.

Speaking of Nokia classic mobile phone, believe that everyone always has their own choices. As a standard after the Nokia represents not only a cell phone, it also is the best witness to student. Convenient calculator it is boring math class, it is a boring way to school the high-end players, it is that one filled with youthful smile in the face of the best witnesses.

Again 500 years: Nokia 1100

This handset Nokia launched in 2003, as worldwide, sold 200 million of the myth maker, Nokia 1100 ‘s list is desirable. Classic look, long battery life, especially “Jack Bauer” strong vitality.

Students tell me, a true story, 1100 in the hand during a phone call from the third floor fell downstairs to look for when finding the keyboard away, but the phone is still on the phone … …

Business machines at the highest face value: Nokia E71

Speaking of Nokia QWERTY series, E71 by launching all kinds of attitude topped. It was launched in 2008, large areas of metal design, grim business air and let millions of people fell in love with this high face value of commercial wind mobile. Full keyboard cell phone input can quickly and accurately, keyboard backlight also gave up the amazing sense of advantage made the God machine also the arcade.

Slide clean: Nokia 5300

Speaking of slider phones, Samsung has had a brilliant, elegant Samsung slider phones rarely rivals. Launched this slider phone Nokia flagship music, compact body and bright colors make it suffer from young people’s favorite, while the populist price also makes this phone sales Evergreen, acclaimed.

King of the slide: Nokia N86

Speaking of local school, that must be the Nokia n series. Average price of three thousand or four thousand bound and cost nothing. Compared to the previous generation n-series flagship, the N85, N86 appearance not much change, slider classic styling, same screen parameters and photographs is the N86 ‘s main selling point. N86 camera by the N85 5 million pixels of up to 8 million pixels wide angle lens, they are solid at the time, also joined the F2.4/F3.2/F4.8 for the first time the three-speed automatic aperture selected, Additionally this machine offers the highest 1/1000 second mechanical shutter and a vast variety of camera.

Full touch-screen classics: Nokia 5800

History of Nokia 5800 and significance of a cell phone. Because it is Nokia’s first full touch screen Smartphone in the world, after its release, sales is constantly being refreshed. As of April 2009, global sales of 13 million units. Either from the configuration, features, technology, touch, 5800 represents the industry’s leading: 320W camera, nHD resolution XpressMusic fine music vein, piano paint shell is a big selling point. The following year when the line went on sale in late February, had been outside the shop in the store fans hemmed in advance, more than more than 50 Nokia’s flagship store for officially licensed goods are sold, and by the launch of celebrity endorsement signings filled site is surrounded by the crowd. 5800 is to create a myth of the cell phone era, just use “classic” cannot express it a Word to describe the year of King style.

Last Emperor: Nokia N97

In 2009, the iPhone is up to the third generation: iPhone 3GS, Smartphone era has the curtain, Apple’s belief has been gradually formed, laughs at iPhone manufacturer, who had stressed, with a thorough is finally willing to face up to the formidable adversary. The Nokia N97 is Nokia N-series mobile phone QWERTY touch phone first slip cover, classic slide design with QWERTY keyboard, full of sense of science and technology, from its average price of as much as 7000, is worthy of the King.

Fallen on hard times in the classic: Lumia1020

In 2013, facing Apple, as well as the rapid development of the Android camp, Nokia has started to decline, but the phones also caused a stir at the time. The machine rear PureView Carl Zeiss certified 41 million pixel camera, using the second generation OIS optical image stabilization, and LED fill light + Xenon Flash, as well as the f/2.2 aperture, 4 second delayed shutter, lumia professional shoot, Nokia calls it the most advanced back-illuminated sensor, large camera module is also affectionately known as “Oreo” mobile phone.
When phones are full of tricks, each have their own features, a look at shapes can probably predict the brand, but now it is hard to tell without Logo cell phone models. But in the development of the times and progress in science and technology, it’s hard to say this is a good thing or a bad thing, I believe that with the development of science and technology, the cell phones of the future will bring us more surprise.

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