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He gave up a good job creating one of a kind cool iPhone

He gave up a good job creating one of a kind cool iPhone
He gave up a good job creating one of a kind cool iPhone

If you want your iPhone becomes more precious and unique, might as well give it to Dmitry Lischina for a few weeks, because he will make you iPhone to complete a magnificent turning, don’t underestimate Dmitry Lischina, who works with the aircraft not engaged in related work.

Aurum Editions is basically a around the iPhone, 24K gold, exotic animal leather phone case and diamonds to create the company, they will probably sell 30 iPhone a month, and these customized iPhone prices are between $ 2200 to $ 4400.

“After we polished of each customer’s iPhone, will be distinctive but not exaggerated, we want to hear the voice of customers, and they are willing to finally realize their dreams, even if it is very small and very small details. “Dmitry Lischina said.
Back in 2005, Dmitry Lischina in the Ukraine a bad garage began their “gold-plated” dream, when for the first time after his Polish mobile phone is the Nokia 8800. This is full of scratches and bumps and scrapes and broken screen phone, after his transformation, actually sold for four times the price, then he purchased the iPhone over the network 2G, he said, when saw iPhone 2G for the first time, it was love at first sight.

Then, he bought a kit and couldn’t even find jewelers, jewelers in gold plating on the Apple Logo on the iPhone, finally after agonizing, the iPhone 2G Dmitry Lischina to one of love.
“Soon after, a businessman who wanted me to sell his iPhone 2G. “Later on, will have an iPhone 3G for his transformation, he modified it into a matte black color scheme, as always, on the Apple Logo and gold plated. Just 24 hours later, customers see the iPhone 3G, then raised the idea of buying, this firm Dmitry Lischina’s determination to turn hobby into a professional business, he immediately began studying gold-plating method and, then, he gave up his own aircraft engineering-related jobs.
“To grasp the gold-plating is not easy, I don’t have any experience,” Lischina said. “But as I continue to practice, people have always been truly interested in the mobile phone, thus increasing my skills and reputation continue to accumulate. ”
In the process of building custom iPhone, Lischina iPhone 5 himself eating a lot of suffering, because he found the body that cannot be binding to the iPhone 5, no one could help him, in the end, he took 10 months to solve the problem, but this time, the iPhone 5s has been launched. In order to complete those orders, he will even seek out new plants have been installed more equipment, and his “team” and finally into 12 people on my own, he finally had a team engineer, mechanic, designer, and artist.

IPhone constantly, and Lischina also continue to upgrade their technology, such as adding new color scheme customization, use more different materials and the use of new technology, and so on.
“Now my clients including renowned political figures, celebrities and famous athletes, every time I try to let them be surprised! “Dmitry Lischina of achievement is very happy to introduce myself.

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