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Not just brave woman! Vivian music independent woman

Not just brave woman! Vivian music independent woman
Not just brave woman! Vivian music independent woman

Vivian Vivian 27 years since his debut in 2004, at the age of 39 and finally in romance is married to wife in Bali, and efforts for a year and finally conceived the child. But when Vivian haven’t completely lost the mother of joy, due to the womb makes debut at age 14 to make money, even if did not work during the wedding of Vivian had to stop and start 142 days, stay in bed more than a full day of more than 300 stitches, she experienced “planted” life.

Things change and Vivian bits and pieces along the way are recorded in the new book, I fell asleep in plant life, hope to use their own experience and encourage all struggling people can also “energy built-in flip, and iron giant.” Now, listen to “steel v” ELLE.COM interview share doing brave things in it!

Most feared and most courageous thing to do is: baby

When Vivian recalls the ups and downs along the way, she is afraid of the most things and she felt had done when love is the most courageous, Vivian thought for a moment then said: “the bravest are having a baby, fear most is having a baby. 」

“Was very brave to go straight ahead, afraid of losing him,”

Is hard because of the child process is so afraid of having a baby? Vivian said, “because you don’t know, in fact, go you are very brave, but is afraid to lose him, he’s a little life, Hello is afraid he can’t see. 」

Mother’s courageous and vulnerable at this moment came to prominence …

V Po boy in the stomach, in addition to bed had surgery …

Vivian says she has some details are not shared. She was lying down, when later growing belly in fact, cervical surgery joints. “Although sewn up I have to lay, and then later when he is bigger, I’d be a lying (head low feet high). Doctors use a variety of methods to make small v Bao not to fall out, so I actually sewed fortress gauze after. After gauze because he is growing, his feet to kick the cervix, “Vivian said,” first phase plug of gauze and not enough force, later stuffed gauze into, is in many ways to resist not to let him out, afraid of him dangerous. 」

“Children who grow up in bad love to”

When we asked as Vivian so hard to get the child was born, then in the corrections would be willing to do tough? Also belong to the education of love? “I think that young children grow up in a loving family where not bad, we give him say since childhood, I think human personality with impatience, temper, there are more buttoned up, for me, this is not a disadvantage, because there are all kinds of people, he is a positive person, and decent person, so that you can have. I feel free, because everyone is different, I’m not going to give him any role. “Vivian said:” as long as he’s not doing bad things, do not destroy the social, not random killings … This very strange behavior. I think I’m going to give him a complete love, let him not thought too extreme and too bias, to hurt others so well. 」

Deployment time?

Vivian, who is also a student, wife, mother, Star and many other roles, people wondered whether her time how allocation? She replied: “really hard and then perfectionism, wants to balance everything, so the hives come and find me. Never before hives because when I was tired to call it now, when there is no work, because children at midnight I will rise up, and then I want to get breakfast, I want to make dinner, I can do what I do. “Also because it so Vivian says it’s hard not to stay up late, because only Dalton after the sleep time is your own.

How to treat MOM this role?

Vivian’s mother worked hard to raise their siblings three, Vivian also now have children can visit the “mother” role of this important: “I don’t think MOM is great, I don’t know, of course, there may be some men will sacrifice, but most of them really are mothers, mothers can sacrifice everything for their children. “Vivian said:” my mother never remarried to us. Object that has a relationship with her before she said, “If there is a next life I want to be your baby! “(Laughter) because my mom loves us, to accompany us, and now will be to take care of our, and she has no way to initiate another family, she put her thoughts are on us to do good, so she won’t be in new love to blossom, because all her out. 」

Women should have their own career and achievements

“I will not stop working, because women have a career, women to have their own ability, then women should have their achievements, I think this is the secret of a long marriage with husband. I had no full-time MOM ideas from before, I couldn’t help it, because I like to work, but I also love kids, so I’m going to take into account, but when he has no ability at this stage, I have to give a little more time to take care of him. 」

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