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Not acne? Taiwan girls, use the “powder” makeup

Not acne Taiwan girls, use the powder makeup
Not acne Taiwan girls, use the powder makeup

Painted thin translucent makeup, as anger is so good; compact lightweight, convenient female beauty in a bag to carry makeup; makeup is also easy, just “Pa Pa Pa” slapping in the face a few times, can look very uniform and complete makeup texture. Air powder has been welcomed by the majority of the world’s female friends, Taiwan was already occupied by air cyclone.

A few weeks or a few months in a row, use the cushion on the powder makeup for some time, began to find his face out of some small acne or acne.

After excluding the possibility of allergies and rashes caused by stimulation, the acne tends to be because “too moisturizing face” (also can be said to be too greasy), or because the Foundation layer upon layer iterations caused by too many times (for example: sunscreen makeup pore cosmetic cream milk → → → cushion cake → → blush/powder makeup Xiurong, and so on).

When facial skin burden heavier, and easy to feel on the face there is a thin film of gas-tight. “If you feel this way, base makeup products you may rub too much! “This situation if the reasons that skin condition, such as instability in the seasonal changes, and risk the chance of pimples or rashes will increase substantially.

To quickly improve because “too moist” and the risk of smallpox, is “less makeup steps” and “reduce the amount of makeup.”

Full of makeup before maintenance can help replenish nutrients, so that the skin can stick makeup, but in the hot season, there are less likely to clog the pores “mineral makeup” makeup better not chicken pox. According to a report in the Apple daily ingredients experts say that mineral makeup has advantages of low sensitivity.

These people are usually “mixed skin” or “oily skin” the most vulnerable.

Taiwan climate, humid winter air powder or a moisturizing Foundation that moisture sheer makeup products while just right, but this late spring and early autumn season is a bit forced, not to mention the hot summer without dissolving makeup landslide tragedies would be lucky.

Easy, after all, lack of oil shortage of water + dry peeling big muscle, anytime, products requiring special moisturizing oil, helps skin full of moisture, then use the oil maintenance component of helping skin hold nutrients, this is the most suitable muscle makeup mode, dry skin is not within the scope of today’s discussion.

Day of Sun will direct high temperature exposure, foundations may select dry “fog liquid at the end of the flour” or using “powder” makeup better. Did you wipe? “Sunscreen” to rub (Please remember to rub sunscreen 365 days)

This will effectively reduce the burden of facial skin, for face to take a deep breath of freedom, can also reduce the complex composition of liquid Foundation products “skin sensitization” enhancement. No matter what your mixed partial dry skin condition is combination oily and oil muscle with invincible and explosive oil muscles are the same, use on the face will be absorbed through the skin into the product “components is the more simple the better.”

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