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外科醫 大門未知子4(派遣女醫X 4) 第2集 Doctor-X 4 Ep 2

外科醫 大門未知子4(派遣女醫X 4) 第2集 Doctor-X 4 Ep 2

Full Episode 外科醫 大門未知子4(派遣女醫X 4) 第2集. Watch Japanese TV Drama Video 外科醫 大門未知子4(派遣女醫X 4) 第2集. Drama Eng Sub Doctor-X 4 Ep 2.

Because their relationship on the plane watching the ending, so impressive (laughs)
This work had high ratings is not a simple topic, but in the choreography and performances also have a high level
That sense of fun and smooth compared with the earlier works it won too much
Finally focused on the difficult operation to a little girl, to take some guts out
Resection of cancer cells and then back into the body, use your imagination and feel terrible
At that moment the patient is equivalent to an empty shell? (Khan)
This kind of surgery, even if the door is not sure to be completed
She need other technical assistants, namely Takano, ebina and Kondo
However, Kondo in the story description is just a general surgeon?
Anyway, this is another main line over the way
That is the Director of elections, and leech want to gate operation failed
No three people helping and the patient died, you can put the blame on General Director
The old lone Beaver for personal gain without regard to patient death
No wonder finally got fired, and stew.

外科醫 大門未知子4(派遣女醫X 4) 第2集 Doctor-X 4 Ep 2
外科醫 大門未知子4(派遣女醫X 4) 第2集 Doctor-X 4 Ep 2

Although the surgery is very difficult, I finally successfully completed
Because the mercy gate refuses to be leeches, and finally to declare is ebina wield the scalpel
This guy is sweet, also do not know whether he is good or bad
However, it should be a good doctor …

Kondo temporary betrayed Leech, detour, but he had better
If implemented as planned, leeches after the fall of his positions will be hard to see
Door continued when doctors, it appears that the third quarter is running out
Results of Doctor x’s secret was not to be found out. …

The sixth to seventh episode
Plots into more interesting developments, Mabuchi in order to deal with internal medicine surgery
Seek to have Takano competition Director of the exiled Professor election
Leech here there’s great change, recommended Kondo originally wanted to run
He was in his father’s accident and Emergency Department and give up opportunities, leech can only choose between ebina
However, Takano is master ebina, certainly not in an election win
But only again under Kondo, bet everything on him
Takano found an important clinical trials of new treatments for patients as
Way so as to earn a reputation, in order to facilitate subsequent lessons, Director of elections
Gate notice all disregard for patient safety and early operation
So she was reluctant to take, on the one hand to patients wishes
Will also have to improve the success rate
Although her a look of mercenaries, in fact still have as healers principles
But leech kicked out of her because of her contrary to instructions, then how?

Last call to who? Before an important role?
Story will move into the finale, is the Director of Professor election
Gates should get involved …

The fifth episode
The so-called hand of God is actually trickery to try reputation
Kusakabe Mitsuhiko (zhe) invited by the leech to Teito University join
He has exceeded the physician called the genius of technology
Even Gates admits his strengths, but he has a tremendous problem
He only cares about the procedure “successful completion”, rather than the patient will recover
Found in surgical suture sad strange only when in a hurry, put the blame on city
Harm to his reputation, even if future disease problems can also be pushing a shirk
Door is gone over the eyes, leech can no longer ignore the danger to patients
Hidden intention ebina suggested that if successfully cured patients of vermiculite
In addition to compensate for the crisis, and can also take advantage of achieved reputation
Cure hand of God can’t help patients … Cunning and clever technique
Ebina managed to fluke had in mind some advantages

Kusakabe had seen the door about the surgery
What she had done, and was forced to leave in the future would be affected?
This set the door does not seem to have a very strong opponent
Mabuchi was … (This episode failed to appear at all)

The fourth episode
Initially thought leech is the Prince of the Devils, in fact, this Opera seems not to have this setting
Vermiculite the bossy, things are only concerned to their advantage
Even though the door to self-indulgence is closed no matter
Mabuchi to pour vermiculite but not use underhand means to
Kondo has ambitions but is hamstrung by …
This feeling of power struggle is quite special and interesting

This is the release of Yumiko’s mother had an emergency surgery
Data master leech woman lifeline to threaten his
Gates didn’t put such a thing in my heart, she just wants to do surgery
Ebina could take this or leave it leeches, it didn’t choose
But the benefit is Kambara (laughs)

The third set
Small intestine transplantation of hen and dirty at the same time, the difficulty quite high
On the door, however there is no problem because she has tried (? )
Doctor x’s experience, for example, should have had such surgery

Kondo is a good guy, in fact, guilty
Has a relationship with Mabuchi, now take early cases attract the attention of vermiculite
Even want to introduce her to him, it seems too fast
But he’s not Kondo appearance or technical, but his trickery
Use of fighting for the interests of others, with own shares
Ebina than that at least much more striking

Police finally found the door, Doctor x operation without a licence
The previous quarter seems to be an unspoken, but this was the last to leave the stalks
Mabuchi to kick her, will hold this painful foot …

The second set
Second episode plot turn? A little unexpected
But the straightforward plot is a very attractive audience watch it directly

Vermiculite for the President to do the surgery seems to be not perfect cause cancer cells to spread
Surgery must be done, but pretended to be a new disease recurrence of concealment
As long as they don’t say may can hide from the past
Door refuses to leeches, but there is no justice when his
In her eyes, only surgery leech took her fancy technology
Included as fourth Assistant she was envisioned she would sort out the mess?
Although the operation was very difficult, gate is successfully removed the cancer cells
Attribution of credit to Leech, and solves the two problems
God old man never fails to run extortionate (laughs)

Mabuchi would like to take this opportunity to fight leech
Didn’t expect to bring the door to help him through this difficulty
Gate was incorporated into the vermiculite between the door, with her superb technique and not greedy for fame and fortune
To a certain extent, can be a very good “Wrecker”
But the door is not willing to be pushed around, she will do it according to their meaning
This fight will be very interesting

The first episode
Reputation rating is also good work, with stronger squad return
After the second series about as before, changing into different team
Stage is still the Imperial capital University of medical sciences, but nobody knew the door

Door cock heals injured horses, Mabuchi (Yoshiko Mita) phase
She is the Minister of Imperial capital University of medical sciences medical hope gates can help a patient heal
The patient is her own … Doors should be aware but not to point out
Despite surgical leeches, Minister Sheng (xitianminxing) blocking
Mabuchi insisted the words “named patient” only concession
The Mabuchi is an extremely arbitrary powers, however, after staring at the door
Of course, the door would not put him in the eye (laughs)

Surgery is not all bad
At least the Kondo (tengmuzhiren) seems to not
He is the lover of Mabuchi (? ), But Kondo on the door as if they are interested
Will be developed into a triangle then the existence of hazards to the gate?

Former Director of God still Merry Merry, and replaced the electric Sparrow tables
He secretly shot behind is very interesting
This set has more to look forward to it!

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