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Just love this! 8 Taiwan actress “maternal love” review

Just love this! 8 Taiwan actress maternal love review
Just love this! 8 Taiwan actress maternal love review

Recent showbiz actress “pregnant”, in speech before announcing the good news, “Spy vs Spy” drama and let the media guessing for a long time admitted only after pregnancy. Shu Qi in the IG recently posted a piece pink Burberry bag, hung “as well” badge, reminds him of the former Kelly bag cover pregnancy gelisikaili pregnancy belly anecdotes of fashion, these actresses carry during pregnancy fashion bag, both covering pregnancy belly and fashion in fashion biography.

Gelisikaili Kelly

Hollywood actress gelisikaili after the Princess married into the Royal family of Monaco, every action is the focus of world attention, especially when the message that came out of pregnancy, the media scramble to capture her picture, when Hermès Kelly bag in her hands cover slightly swollen pregnant belly pregnant, is to let the world into a frenzy.

Hermes Kelly bag was designed as early as 1935, was only known as “Sac a Croix” (crocodiles), until 1956, after Ge Lisi Princess carry-on bag, to make this purse red, and has the “Kelly bag” nickname.

Shu Qi Burberry backpack and Ruby

Shu Qi is pregnant? Is still a mystery so far, IG she attached a Burberry bag the other day and hung up “as well” badge, medium bold inferred she was pregnant, gave its blessing. But afterwards discovered that there may be a beautiful misunderstanding, photo backpacks may be ‘ faithfulness ‘, Shu Qishun raised hands according to Lenovo, what expectations do you have visible on her pregnancy.

Christine fan Qi Burberry bag

Christine fan Qi when the twins, also carrying a Burberry painted bags, then her stomach is convex, but the body is still thin, full of “long womb meat” beautiful pregnant women, not to mention is pregnant with twins.

This Burberry bag filled with hand-painted children’s fun, blowing thick art atmosphere, each bag is like a work of art is unique, echoing Christine fan Qi, pregnancy is about to enter a new stage in life, and blacks together with a pair of lovely son, can be said to be of special significance.

Vivian Hsu Chanel bag

Vivian Hsu raise tire pregnancy almost always lie in bed, very hard, and posted on Facebook that she wore little clothes, handbag fashion photos. The one and only, she has not released early in the pregnancy news, and her husband have intimate photo on Valentine’s day, my husband put his hand on her belly, she was carrying a Chanel chain bag, Chanel women’s words wish all lovers, at that time, there was speculation that she was pregnant.

Sonia Sui Chanel chain bag

Sonia Sui first litter, also backs a mini version of Chanel chain belt, when she and her husband prepare to go out to drink coffee, because pregnancy belly already elevated, Twitter admitted before going out to find clothes to wear, in “big”, most casual wear and put on jeans, a white shirt without shoulder out, this also depressed!

Guan Ying YSL bag

Artists spicy MOM Guan Ying pregnancy during still attended the big fashion occasions, due to figure slender, almost see not to pregnancy belly, often wear sexy mini skirt, and dew back loaded appeared, and using fashion wear take operation clever cover pregnancy belly, until pregnancy 8 months belly only compared obviously, she in micro-Bo self-timer a frame happiness pregnancy as, wearing a hit high waist mini small dresses, match Saint Laurent suede refining with package and suede cowboy CAP, is youth full.

RESA aBoutmi package

RESA announced after news of pregnancy, she had posted on Facebook photos of her holiday outing, when she was six months pregnant, wore a baggy shirt blouse paired with a aBoutmi blue leather handbag, looking like a teen girls, totally not see pregnant belly.

June Hermes bags

June’s fashion sense and kind feeling, let her have a lot of popular, even when she become pregnant carried designer handbags, the limelight. A frame of film when she is about to give birth, she was carrying love Ma Shibai Birkin bag (Birkin Bag), compared to other packages, Birkin is a slight weight of designer handbags, but she’s quite big to shore up her favorite Hermes, which shows her love of fashion.

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