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外科醫 加地秀樹 第3集 Doctor-Y Ep 3

外科醫 加地秀樹 第3集 Doctor-Y Ep 3

Japanese TV Drama Video 外科醫 加地秀樹 第3集. Download Drama Video 外科醫 加地秀樹 第3集. Japanese Drama Eng Sub Doctor-Y Ep 3. YouTube Video Doctor-Y Ep 3.

外科醫 加地秀樹 第3集

Starred Ryoko Yonekura unknown TV show sending female medical X~ surgeons gate ~ fourth bomb in October and aired on TV Asahi. This time, with a series of short plays • jiadixiushu ~ DOCTOR-Y~ surgeon is also open on September 29 in TV (テ レ)-qualified air ~

Doctor-Y Ep 3

In this, is to win surgeons starring village jiadixiushu Center, surrounding the suffering from appendicitis daughter story. Jiadixiushu pretending to be doctors in front of patients, in fact, love is a money guy. But the skill also has a horizontal, especially at the “laparoscopic” operations, initially very hostile the unknown, later surrender to an unknown technology and serious attitude.

外科醫 加地秀樹 第3集 Doctor-Y Ep 3
外科醫 加地秀樹 第3集 Doctor-Y Ep 3

And against foreign surgeons Miura you, by Miyawaki Misaki’s daughter LEUNG (HKT48/AKB48) plays. Besides rice, Department of Bank de, Suzuki-HO and other members will also appear on the special.

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