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Big screens also are popular small screen mobile phone worth buying?

Big screens also are popular small screen mobile phone worth buying
Big screens also are popular small screen mobile phone worth buying

Looking back to the year when the Android system was soon, small-screen mobile phone riding and lakes, 5.0 inch screen can be called big screen, however, rapid technological development, the pursuit of continuous improvement, everything has moved today in the vast sea looking for a 5.0 inch screen phone is much more difficult.
What exactly comes from a small-screen mobile complex? This dates back to long before the Smartphone era, in the era of Nokia smartphones, people go for cell phones in intelligent development and perfection which makes Symbian, at the same time, cell phone screen are subtle changes, users feel larger the screen comfortably. 2007 the first generation iPhone was born, with a 3.5-inch TFT screen material, user control to the Smartphone screen can reach a standard–with one hand and smooth operation of the mobile phone has the best screen size.

Some users will retain such a habit now, screen technology upgrade, screen material many times, large screen phones abound, many users still pursue the most suitable for one-hand operation, or limit cell phone screen size does not exceed the one-hand operation. 5.0 inch screen size was around a lot of people measuring screen phones as a criterion, than this standard, inevitably difficult to operate with one hand. Authors today features several excellent small-screen mobile phone, to this part and I like users with specific needs.
Small-screen experience and silky feel
Jobs had said 3.5 inches screen size of phone has human most for holds holding sense, apparently this a assertion Yu years zhihou of now has not too meet needs, but iPhone still keep which a paragraph small screen design is is on jobs best of tribute, another a angle,, small screen of iPhone7 has good of holds holding sense, single hand operation ease, does has is big market, can meet different user of different need.

Get rid of the silky material itself, 4.7-inch small-screen iPhone 7 7.1mm thickness of thin fuselage and holding up round jade and silk Skate cool, right thumb and index finger for seamless coverage to the phone’s power and volume button, each design considering human nature, is wonderful.

Other configurations, iPhone 7 with a A10 Fusion quad-core processors, with strong CPU and GPU performance, run the memory remains 2GB, storage up to 32GB minimum standards of the fuselage, running the latest iOS 10, due to the advantages of screen resolution, and other configurations of the same case, the performance is more remarkable. Rear-mounted camera combination for 12 million pixels + front 7 million pixels, photographs photographic effects stand out.
iPhone 7(32GB)
[Price] 5388
Small-screen not word of low performance, users need to the small screen, but it also requires higher performance. Holds the concept of design for small screen mobile phone users, TCL has also a very worthwhile experience mobile, TCL 580 and small screen, as well as more as possible, integrating the latest technologies and the technology, taking into account the quality of sound effects and many details such as security, and as a new machine, 1399 price makes TCL 580 has a higher price in good faith.

TCL 580 for two-sided glass metal frame fuselage design, with 5.0-inch HD-level AMOLED display, NTSC standard color gamut up to 105%, particles so that the screen bright colors with high saturation, integrated screen-saving eye function, effects and soft does not glare.

Other configurations, equipped with 3GB+32GB extremely large storage combo, built-in mediatek MT6750 processor, 13 million + 5 million pixels camera with rear combination easily clear seconds top speed beauty. With one-many fingerprint identification module, file insurance need not worry, sound Chamber design of BOX integration, support high quality decoding and support multiple software double login feature.
TCL 580
[Price] 1399
Excellent small screen display
Self feel HTC is most not like big screen phone of manufacturers one of, is early of g series phone General are is small screen phone, and HTC phone of screen material also Maverick, selection other manufacturers not common of Super LCD screen, this design to I of feel is displayed effect very delicate, and also of screen size same resolution of phone for compared, HTC of screen always relative cold is, but quality excellent, picture intuitive effect more close real.

HTC 10 is a 5.2-inch screen, resolution up to 2K level of terror cell phone, all-metal fuselage design smooth grip, off mobile phones shell let go as if there is a feeling that will be slipped. Relatively thick body with some weight, weighed in the hands of experience is very good.

Other configuration, HTC 10 carrying Gao Tongxiao 820 processor, supplemented by 3GB+64GB combination of storage, easily manage large game, with the HTC Sense system with good reputation, experience silky smooth. 12 million pixel camera with rear + front-5 million wide-angle camera lenses, camera experience fun.
HTC 10
[Price] 4999
A handful of small-screen phones, VIVO X7 belongs to an extremely good one. Vivo X7 has a 5.2-inch 1080p-resolution material high quality Super AMOLED display, like other vivo mobile, VIVO X7 display card screen dark color, bright color screen is beautiful, maintained at a very high level of screen designs. Vivo X7 slim fuselage, the cool silky smooth grip feels no worse than the iPhone.

Other configurations, VIVO X7 carrying the A72 architecture CPU Gao Tongxiao MSM8976, with the 4GB+64GB combination of memory, leading to more excellent smooth operation and video game experience. Secondly, VIVO X7 as a camera phone, built-in front + rear 13 million pixels 16 million pixel camera combination, bringing excellent photographic effect.

vivo X7
[Price] 2498
[Buy address] vivo official store
Alternative choice
Millet’s flagship series also are the same as iPhone, standard equipped with millet a small-screen version, added the needs of different groups. Phone just released not long 5s, 5.15 inches also is different from the size of the screen, and given the millet growing emphasis on appearance and body material handle, phone 5s naturally become good little screen candidates.

Configurations, phone 5s is equipped with 5.15 inches 1080p resolution pressure-sensitive display, brightness can be as high as 600nit, and 94.4%NTSC high enough degree of the color field and color reproduction capability, equipped with latest mycophenolate mofetil 821 processor clock speed up 2.15GHz, storage is divided into 3GB+64GB and 4GB+128GB versions of the fuselage, and deliver the experience. Post 12 million hyper-sensitive camera + front-intelligent beauty of 4 million pixels camera, millet, black technology than fever.

Phone 5s (64GB)
[Price] 1999
Call for practical and design of hammer, set will consider to small screen phone Yu user of importance, even not involved feelings, hammer T2 of 4.95 inches screen also was points minutes feel to a unit unit hit to of human thinking, hammer T2 of fuselage appearance more like is a sleek had corner of brick, first contact hammer brand of user is thought hammer phone is used to do hammer of? In fact, this design can make fingers better fit phone body, you can experience a real sense of compression as well as a better grip.

Configuration, hammer T2 4.95 inches 1080p-resolution screen, equipped with a Xiao long 808 (MSM8992) six-core processors, storage area of the fuselage as a combination of 3GB+16GB/32GB, and another 13 million primary camera plus 5 million front-facing cameras, custom Smartisan OS system for depth, user interface clean, give people the Android experience.

Write at the end: big screen screen phone naturally have a big advantage for most of the time sitting in a classroom of students in Mong Kok, large screen phones combine cell phone support, movies, grind video, very fit, relatively narrow scope of activities, large screen phones do not seem be a hindrance. But for working dogs who have run all day long, small-screen phones always carried in his pocket, ad-get fast and efficient. Two mobile phones before which one do you prefer?

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