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When Mommy is beautiful? Bianca Bai lazy maintenance method

Bianca Bai lazy maintenance
Bianca Bai lazy maintenance

Little BABY who just turned 4 months, “white” Bianca Bai normally can only sleep 5 hours a day in order to care for their children yesterday, taking the time to participate in zuodengnisi activities. New Mommy how to maintain? White said, too busy to fully take care of themselves now, only lazy people maintenance method.

She said that almost all BABY all the time, you can only select one or two like things very quickly and efficiently applied. White mother’s milk feeding now, most often eat fish, chicken, high protein, nothing will stew soup, chicken soup, or fish soup, coconut chicken dish is very good at doing, is very easy, and very delicious.

Since Dang MOM zhihou, white each late only wants to fast points fast sleep, completely no a full of time can care himself, but she will full using take aircraft time maintenance, for example in aircraft Shang smear gel rubber-like of mask or enough tablets-like mask, return home Shi, a door on will using mill sand cream minor massage face removal dirty, and cutin, again enough Shang moisturizing mask, avoid skin dry.

Please to Bianca Bai endorsements of zuodengni silk main attract cooked female members, business pathway for full Taiwan store Spa shop, to contact more young new guest, this year July up in Taichung established flagship level beauty makeup concept shop, and October 1 again Yu Cheng products station Qian underground street established second between beauty makeup concept shop, even non-members also can this purchase complete commodity, which Star products dragon blood pigment essence dew is near two years hot single products.

Another professional beauty salon chain brand chlitina, last month walked out of the store business model into Watson’s open-shelf access, traffic in its beauty products, reach more young, the first wave of net last commodities is chlitina drill light white series, voice is A-Lin.

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