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She was the most famous child star

She was the most famous
She was the most famous

According to Taiwan media reports, film actress, who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter AIMA·wotesen (Emma Watson) has morphed into a slim and sexy woman, usually enthusiastic about her earlier has also been selected as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. But recently, she has been pornography exposure is inelegant, but through her lawyer lawsuit, forcing the removal of website photo.

According to the United States website TMZ reported, AIMA·wotesen previously photographed a group of dew point, and was United States pornographic websites on the Celeb Jihad posted on its Web site.

It is reported that photos play her upper body in a vacuum, only wearing a pink transparent chiffon blouse, heart Happy Together, photos on the site came to light, then reprinted by hundreds of people share.

AIMA·wotesen is currently in New York, UN Goodwill Ambassador speaking at United Nations Headquarters, she promptly lawyers sent a legal letter requesting pornographic Web sites taken down immediately, and stressed that these photographs of literary property. Counsel explained that the photos were taken by Emma’s personal stylist, copyright and has been sent to her, therefore photo must be pulled from the shelves, or they will sue infringement.

According to reports, the pornographic Web site has this batch of photos all taken down.

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“J girl” Li Xinai suspects were unspoken rules of large-scale spread indecent photos

Phoenix entertainment news, according to Taiwan media reports, Li Xinai is a 25 years old actress plays the heroine of the film directed by Jay phase in the rooftop concern, now she’s operating in the Mainland, suspected by mainland producers by exposure rules, more out of a group of excited her indecent photos, but have been denied by broker.

According to reports, network circulated a few days ago a group of indecent photos, photos of the actress look alike “j girl” AI Li Xin, in addition to straddle the man’s “fried rice”, as well as oral sex pictures, Li Xinai tortured by mainland producers suspected of unspoken rules of blood.

Li Xin AI Taiwan brokers refuted this, now picture is easy to fake, you have eyes to see, and said in front of the sign AI Li Xin, had checked her background AI indecent photos rumors, clarify Li Xin.

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