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Real Madrid’s galacticos memoirs

Real Madrid's galacticos memoirs
Real Madrid’s galacticos memoirs

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In the long history of football, it’s hard to say which team is the greatest, you might think that 60 Real Madrid is the most great, you might think 70 years Brazil is great, …
In long of football history in the, hardly which support team is most great of, you may will think 60 generation of Real Madrid is most great of, you may think 70 years of Brazil team is most great of, again or is 80, and 90 generation of Milan, 2010 yihou of Barcelona, this problem position different conclusion natural at odds, but if to select football history Shang most luxury of team, I think has a support team absolute can said have Shang is which Crown.

This team is-Real Madrid’s galacticos era (2000-2006)

That is representative of countless fans after 80 memory name, Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, David Beckham … …
However, they are not the founder of this team really created only by someone he was Florentino Perez, is this person, and only time can create such a great team.

Florentino was a time people, whether you like him or not, you have to admit that this individual the sort of charisma that people can’t hold a candle, in his earlier life, he was a politician, he is a property developer, he is a wealthy businessman, he alone is not a fan. But his track and football there is no intersection. Until 1995.

This year, Florentino Perez, 47, Florentino Perez participated in the Club’s election this year, and end up with a strong economic strength and communication skills to become a dark horse, not fans, he finally lost to rival Mendoza, leaving with regrets he returned after five years.

2000-2001 Figo coming out times curtain

In 2000, the time to cross the threshold of the 20th century, Florentino Perez is also brimming with ambition, after Real Madrid defeated Valencia in the Champions League final, champions for the eighth time, the maximum weight is the current Chairman of Sens, but Florentino Perez is not, after all, five years ago, he already has enough clout, as a candidate, he focused on two o’clock, the weak point of these two points were Sens. First, solve the Club’s debt crisis and, secondly, implement a giant policy.

In advance of the Florentino Perez, Mendoza and Sens because of poor management, the Club has 270 million debt owed, and very few fans most want to see the star, said Florentino Perez, I brought Luis Figo to the Bernabeu. The explosive remarks inspired the fans interest, Figo was what it means? He is Portugal representative of the golden generation, he is the captain of Real Madrid’s arch-rivals Barcelona, who was at that time in Europe the only alongside international star Zinedine Zidane.

Fans or not, Sens is not believed, perhaps Florentino Perez does not believe. But the Figo really came.

On Figo of transfer is Florentino Perez most proud of a pen signed, after years, at Figo of brokers on Catalan de Catalunya media disclosure, when in Barcelona role increasingly obviously of Figo is requirements raises, however Barcelona on this does not willing, to increased himself of chips, Florentino Perez thought has Figo, Figo also thought has Florentino Perez, both privately contact, in at no people will think and Sens compared Florentino Perez has any of odds, Philip GE and he of brokers is such think, With Florentino Perez signed Figo Broker contract.

Figo and his agent thinks, as long as the Sens for a second term, this contract is a piece of paper.

Florentino Perez believes that as long as there is this now the “waste paper”, he would have more chances.

Life is just a game.

On July 16, 2000, Florentino Perez received 55% support in the general election, so as to beat the Sens won.

Figo Figo’s agent, Vega given three choices 1 huge compensation payments, 2 I bear all the responsibility, was sentenced to 3 to Real Madrid.

Two evils the right light, this is a timeless truth, if they returned to Barcelona, Luis Figo will be senior to despise, broker responsibility is immoral, actually in front of Luis Figo road is only one to choose from, it’s transfer.

I don’t know how many of the authenticity of the story, if that is the case, I have to admire Florentino for wisdom and courage, of course, there is one thing that is real, that threw the Camp Nou Figo’s pig.

Life is full of drama, it is made up of countless coincidences if Cruyff did not insist on Luis Figo to the NOU camp before he left office, if Florentino Perez at ease doing business, if not the make-believe contracts … …

If there is, there would be no consequence now.

Figo will not realize that the day July 24, 2000, when he took the Jersey from di Stefano hands symbolizes the arrival of a great era, and one belongs to the vocabulary of this era was born. This era is called the galacticos era, this vocabulary is called a star a year.

That season, had put out the fire before coach Vicente del Bosque because the Champions League is the top trust, however distracted last season Real Madrid in the Champions League, the League only finished fifth, after Vicente del Bosque welcomed Luis Figo of Real Madrid, will need to start again. At of Real Madrid lineup although cannot is luxury is also first-class, except Figo, attack Shang footsteps light of Raul face also slightly explicit young, station in he side of is he of close friends Morientes, in premier Liverpool is known of sidewalks Trapeze McManaman and Figo points keep two a sidewalks, road is handed France iron waist Makelele and Brazil people fulaweiaokongsaisang, defence to Carlos, and El Hierro, and Calanca, and Salgado mainly, goalkeeper is is young of Casillas, Vicente del Bosque let he instead of has Germany international yiergena, For Casillas, Vicente del Bosque always give his best confidence.

Equilibrium Real Madrid fans expected that only bad news is that Redondo left.

Different from Figo’s transfer, forcing Redondo Florentino Perez is a bad chess, he not only makes its own unique feeling of betrayal, has destroyed the football world last elegant lower back, Yes, if you look at the Redondo play, even if you’re not a Real Madrid fan and you’ll fall in love with him. However, even if the 89% people who don’t think we should sell Redondo of Real Madrid, even though there are extreme fans chanted “Redondo and not Luis Figo. “Can’t stop the captain of Real Madrid will have to sell. Last season’s Champions League against Manchester United’s heels, assists Raul scoring shots to become the Prince left fans of the most beautiful memories.
Move to AC Milan’s Redondo seriously injured in training after injury has been bothering him, leading to his early retirement, Redondo was a work of art, in this world full of impetuous, always show the most elegant gestures.
Later, Florentino Perez apologized to him, this is a late consolation.

The new season, led by new captain Fernando Hierro of Real Madrid in the League and Champions League double-high triumph. Figo also achieved great success, 2000 European Golden Ball award in his embrace. But for him, there was a pitch is that he does not want to face. That’s Nou Camp.

However, some things are meant to be. On October 21, 2000, the Spain League sixth round, staged clasico at Camp Nou. The leader has replaced Rivaldo of Barcelona and luyisienlike, has a similar experience with Figo Enrique was clearly more popular at the Nou Camp, and the only boos greeted Luis Figo, accused of abuse.

As long as Figo took ball, 90,000 name audience on will with issued Boo sound, as long as Figo with ball to angle flag near, stands Shang of debris on will rain as threw down, whole field game, Figo of face particularly cold, seems to game of won and he has nothing to do, he in hell like of world in suffering, time is he maximum of enemy, many years yihou, has retired of Figo accept interview Shi said: “I played had many rivals Zhijian of game, but Dang I first times returned to Nou Camp of when, I really of experience to has what is world end. ”

Enrique’s goal broke the old Real Madrid, Figo clasico debut ended in failure, he left the Nou Camp fans are only a silent figure.

That season, three-wire battle lost to West side Real Madrid in the COPA, in the semifinals of the Champions League and they have the same balanced and stable system of Bayern Munich, peak strength Bayern defeated Real Madrid, Vicente del Bosque’s side only League have obvious advantages. Eventually under the steady play, this is only likely to be Florentino Perez balanced squad with 80 points after four years with Real Madrid win the Spanish Championship again.

Vicente del Bosque, the fire coach maintained a Championship coach of the year. Fuluolundinian superstar policy to yield results, but a Spanish champions did not meet the Spain business giant’s appetite, his ambition is very ambitious. In his eyes, seeing the future looks like.

2001-2002 Zidane + Pavon policy

Real Madrid’s future be like? When Florentino Perez met at a dinner party when Zinedine Zidane, a problem he solved the problem in which some bald France man who he sees in the future.

In Japan, Perez took the napkin on the table, wrote a change to Real Madrid in the future: “would you like to come to Real Madrid? “These napkins passed into the hands of Zinedine Zidane, Zinedine Zidane did not refuse.

This piece of paper handed to Figo as a year ago before that piece of paper than any formal contract has value.

On July 9, 2001, Zinedine Zidane at a record worth to join Real Madrid, Figo silenced a different a year ago, Zidane has always been low-key but smiling at the press conference. Fans know, the new season, 98, 00 France definitely midfielder of the national team will become the new darling of Real Madrid.

But people do not know that there is a person’s name in the next five years and Zinedine Zidane tightly linked together, he called Pavon. Francisco Pavón is a man born and raised in Madrid, before 07, Madrid is the world. At that time, only 21 years old he entered the Real Madrid first team, new season in fuluolundinuo signal, Vicente del Bosque gave him 28 League games a chance to play, he has become the substitute of captain Fernando Hierro.

Since then, a policy to change real destiny was born, this is the “Zidane + Pavon”. Simply forward the introduction of already famous international star, after a large number of youth players.

It is clear that Florentino Perez poses a problem for del Bosque. Everyone knows after 90 football world, defense comes first, even in the relatively open in La Liga. El Hierro’s physical condition is sufficient to support the whole season, El Hierro is a legend, he plays Real Madrid road at all locations, each location is world class. Only age can beat him.

As two session world football Mr winner, Zinedine Zidane in Real Madrid does not alone, 2001 Philip GE also get has world football Mr, this is Florentino Perez period Real Madrid of first bit world football Mr, worth a mention of is, when of awards ceremony Shang, Qian three name Philip GE, and Raul, and Beckham side by side station in with, smile of small Bell not thought, years yihou mentor Ferguson of a feet will he of fate played to Bernabeu.

Destiny, really interesting.

In that year, del Bosque will be Luis Figo on the right wing, Zidane in attacking midfielder position, behind them is Makelele and fulaweiaokongsaisang, Claude Makelele and Zinedine Zidane is France team-mate, with a natural understanding, Brazil man Sergio Conceicao native Portugal language, and Luis Figo nor of communication barriers, this combination is Bosque fixed for a long time.

Sometimes, del Bosque will boldly enable the 442 currently very rare diamond, removed Sergio Conceicao, with Solari or McManaman out wide. Solari, Argentina wing players, if he is not real, used his strength to any team play regularly. Now in world football at 4231 lineup next, double back even three quarter has become the norm, single lumbar tactics has become extinct. And utilitarian defense football football’s bottom line eating away at art.

However, Vicente del Bosque’s team seemed to have a Championship a year, even if the lineup so luxurious, even if it can beat Barca at the Bernabeu, Super pull and the bat army leader Valencia of Spain before the great Galactic fleets also failed.

It was a star-studded, the League healthy functioning, less obvious disparity of strength, like Luis Figo said, in his playing years, each League has 5 to 7 teams have won strength. Football is what we missed football, at least I missed.

That year, most focused on the Champions League with Real Madrid. 02 Real Madrid’s centenary celebrations, and the Champions League is the best gift. Vicente del Bosque put the main focus on the Champions League, eliminated after bitter rivals Barcelona in the semi-final, Real Madrid for the first time in the period of the Galactic fleet stood at the gate of the final.

Bayer Leverkusen is the biggest dark horse of the year, but they can eliminate teams such as Liverpool is no accident, then Bayer Leverkusen with Lucio, Michael Ballack, Ze Roberto, basturk, Schneider, and Dimitar Berbatov. Power cannot be ignored.
However, opening soon, Roberto Carlos throw-in quickly throws, astute Raul quick start ditching Defender, quick-like shoot let bout only back and watched as the football network, then dogged Leverkusen counterattack, Lucio set-piece opportunities to beat Fernando Hierro, header against Real Madrid goalkeeper Julio Cesar’s goal. Half of 1:1 flat on both sides.

Second half, a magic of scored birth has, Real Madrid left organization attack, Solari in midfielder have ball, long to high-speed plug Shang of Carlos, dang Carlos up speed of when, he run have than Scotland of sea breeze also fast, Germany international saibeicen timely block, Carlos hard of will ball biography to area, football fly out has a wonderful of arc, Zinedine Zidane see with it, sideways, volley volley, football network.

Duration at this moment was fixed, countless Flash records the score it across the night sky in Glasgow, Hampden Stadium fireworks were ignited.

In honor of Real Madrid laboratory still holds this Zidane turned around from the moment photo, due to problems with style and slow, Zidane joined Real Madrid initially failed to best show your value, in that season, Zidane subdued start, as a result of the end.

Real Madrid won of another hero is Casillas, due to starting goalkeeper Cesar rule injury, game delay has too more time, eventually Bo Republika grams decided let Casillas appearances, in up seven minutes of injury stopped time in, Bayer Leverkusen to this face also some childish of goalkeeper launched stormed, Casillas at least bashing out other three a will into of ball, in that zhihou, on like had of yiergena as, Cesar also completely of was Casillas squeeze in has bench Shang.

Under the fireworks in Glasgow, captain Fernando Hierro raised the trophy.

In 2002, Real Madrid’s Centennial year, the Nineth champions come to.
He came to, and Florentino Perez’s smile.
He came to, and Zidane + Pavon policy success.
He came to, and Ronaldo.
2002-2003 “alien” era

Shortly after the end of the Champions League, World Cup in Japan and South Korea opened the curtain. This is Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup. When Brazil won the World Cup for the fifth time when Florentino eyeing him. According to many media that as early as 97 Real Madrid interested in aliens, but Ronaldo then serious injury, Real Madrid have gradually forgotten the idea. Now this once-perfect revival of the greatest players in the world.

Aliens out of 98 final nightmare, but can’t get away from Inter Milan He Kupo, can’t get rid of the tears in Rome.
Florentino Perez well, Moratti hesitated between Cooper and Ronaldo, this is the best time to negotiate. In those days, transfer rumors in the media about Ronnie appeared on the front page, the aliens belong once again affects the nerves of the world. Even though Moratti has repeatedly denied, but then Real Madrid Managing Director Jorge Valdano also frequently appear in Milan, Real Madrid’s conditions is that transfer fees combined with Sergio Conceicao, Munitis or Bravo. Fancy Nineth Morientes of Real Madrid and Inter Milan. Talks stalled several times, move to complex, until the last moment of the European transfer window closes.

In the history of world football, buzzer transfer almost every year, but seen from the time, Ronaldo’s transfer is the real meaning of the “buzzer”, because the contract is signed in until half an hour before the move overnight.
This time, it is a solemn and serious move.

Crazy angry inter fans raise their voices, and almost all of Italy are currently locked in on Cristiano Ronaldo’s denunciation of “traitor” that had no contact with Ronaldo’s words, after Ronaldo’s football career was mentioned several times. Moratti’s care eventually lost to President Florentino Perez’s courage, this deal is called football one of the most classic of the transfer case. His big influence, be matched.

On September 1, 2002, the private plane brought Ronaldo from AC Milan to Real Madrid Madrid, the alien return to La Liga.
This is a time of difficult to copy, in this day and age, Real Madrid have three FIFA World Player, from this point on, galacticos unprecedented.

However, due to the injury in training, Ronaldo cannot match, del Bosque has no intention to take risks, he has to wait for Ronaldo recovered. This class is 1.5 months, long-awaited, October 9, 2002, Cristiano Ronaldo in the fifth round of the Spanish home facing the Aravis in Anaheim. Del Bosque had hoped Ronaldo played only 15 minutes, but he changed his mind on the Court, on 64 minutes, substitute brand lift, the 11th green at the Bernabeu particularly bright in the night sky. Five years later, after two serious injuries, after two World Cup, Ronaldo played a round of applause at the Bernabeu.

A minute later, Brazil man Carlos sidewalks and Pilling, found him accurate, Ronaldo chesting, foot volley ball bouncing into the net, the ball is similar to table tennis smash, goalkeeper could do nothing. 79 minutes, Ronaldo went down in a city, the Bernabeu is crazy.

Spain Narrator voice cries, “Ronaldo goal!” The voice of La Liga this season, there was a 23, from every corner of Spain.

Behind Ronaldo, is led by Zinedine Zidane, Luis Figo midfield this season Real Madrid’s Empire. They also impact the tenth to take La Liga champions.

Challenger many of Real Madrid, Barcelona is one of them. It is Barcelona time of darkness, and their serious landslides, star’s light has faded a lot, but national Derby is still the eternal themes.

On November 23, 2002, the 11th National Derby in La Liga, in the Nou Camp, a 0:0 full of stories, of which the most famous was thrown at Figo “pig”.

Of a year later on November 23, this thing is focus of media memories. But Barcelona cannot stop Real Madrid that season, Real Sociedad gave Real Madrid a lot of pressure.

That was the closest Bosque era double season, Real Madrid and Manchester United in the Champions League game is the two round classic, this game is not final, but enough to go down in history. Today, the game is still one of the most frequently mentioned match.

On April 24, 2003, at Old Trafford, one-fourth Champions League final second leg against Manchester United to Real Madrid. 3:1 beat Manchester United at home as the first leg Real Madrid, Manchester United had to attack. However, because of the contradiction with Ferguson obviously, Beckham sat on the bench, he watched Ronaldo hat-trick, Ronnie shot three times, three balls into, Real Madrid midfielder Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo technology combined with flowing water, United are threatening the ability of real’s defence on the counter-attack.
The second half of the game, Ronaldo was substituted, Manchester United fans rose to applaud him, it is a high honor.
Beckham’s accurate free kicks could not change anything. His fate is quietly changing.

Also change the fate of Fernando Hierro, he led defensive line porous Hierro himself prominently, Florentino Perez is not satisfied with him.

These things are obvious, but there are some changes, quietly. In tens of thousands of applause for Ronaldo in the audience, there is a Russia Merchant, his name is abulanuoweiqi, the game touched him deeply, charm of soccer addict, he decided to invest in the Premier League.

Perhaps no game, there will be no classic Ronaldo hat-trick, there will be no David Beckham of Manchester United’s Champions League final battle, also did not reform after Real Madrid and Chelsea’s rise may also stage of arsenal and Manchester United in the Premier League, Porto, Mourinho may also.

We of life in quietly of change with, in this complex of social in, we everyone are played with himself of role, some people is easily, because he played who real of himself, some people is tired, because he wearing with mask, may everyone eventually will wearing with mask, because has many of change we cannot accept, but must bear, must wear life of mask.

Like Beckham, he may not want to leave so early, like Bosque, who did not want to leave so early, but they will eventually leave. In the Premier League after beating Athletic Bilbao, Real Madrid’s thrilling win, but Florentino Perez could not stand losing the semi-final of the Champions League. Vicente del Bosque and captain Fernando Hierro left the Bernabeu. From then on, Vicente del Bosque and Florentino Perez strangers.

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