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太陽之力 第9集 Rangtawan Episode 9

太陽之力 第9集 Rangtawan Eps 9

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  • Sixth episode women men go into his house to look for evidence of a crime, were women and four found
  • Men questioning women woman was also killed, and deny, results show monitor films (man really sick, can also monitor your),
  • Women reluctantly admit, but there are all kinds of excuses, male mind mouth badly so intentionally is near wall women.
  • Last episode women found that her main weakness has been attacking mock, a collection of male primary also found weaknesses enjoy teasing, tantalizing so serious people are really powerful.
  • (This is I’ve seen most blush-wall boom)
  • Male main digging at night (male main pit to jump the second episode, this one means more pit dug by women themselves),
    Then tied the beauty in the grass overnight (which is now the show has by far the most humiliating scene, I’m kind of angry men),
    But women know exactly how enraged men Word stamp pain and many feel the Godfather is when women cry
  • Women can’t stand the next day is always being bullied to take children away, lawyers found the delay to block,
  • Men arrived, the women were brought into the jungle to find the horse, and encountered enemy looking for revenge, two begin the jungle adventure.
  • Next episode should be a turning point in the whole show, not only spend a night or two out of feeling arises spontaneously (Thai shows routine ~ ~ you know the seventh episode already).
  • (PS. I notice you don’t have any expectations, the main drama is high energy, leads all but notice did not appear, why couldn’t picture on the women and two parents no hero,
  • Damn, I had money, I’m going to cut people notice a red envelope, please let me check out two seconds is good)
  • This episode I was a Director with clips got pretty impatient, just remember go look at the Godfather godmother
  • But this show actually has a focus is man sister death,
  • So far only men and three police for investigation and seized the opportunity to close three (a man and his ex-girlfriend), trying to find clues to solve a
  • Dramatic police and designers in touch with main line (men and two women, two lines have been returned to the head on my way went awry).
  • Police holding sister murder the truth, designers are know that man’s heart in the past,
  • A mandate to solve misunderstanding between male and female, one for unlock the male obsession, both are important.
  • When this extension main line when caught, will be in the second half, when the relationship between the lead but could not break through,
  • Police again will make them face up to misunderstandings (is male thought brother killed her sister the misunderstanding),
  • Women and three men untie the knot in the past, and makes women think she had to give up the dream.
太陽之力 第9集 Rangtawan Eps 9
太陽之力 第9集 Rangtawan Eps 9

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