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Targets iPhone-analysts say the future will be the PK SLR

Targets iPhone-analysts say the future will be the PK SLR
Targets iPhone-analysts say the future will be the PK SLR

Each time the iPhone launch, there will always be that the device will enter “death”. IPod touch went CD walkman, iPhone buried the “dumb” phones, then encountered iPhone7 series will become “past tense” device, what does? May is the headphone jack, but experts said high-end SLR camera would probably be because iPhone7 Plus the arrival of encounter “crisis”.

Apple new iPhone7 Plus has attracted considerable attention in the industry or iPhone7 Plus camera will become “one of the most popular cameras in the world” cannot be overstated, some analysts suggested a very bold predictions, Apple products are likely to make digital SLR cameras “death”, a telephone to replace SLR camera, this is not a small thing.
Let us recall the early days of iPhone, it is also to some extent contributed to the sinking of the digital camera market, after all, as more and more high-end Smartphone camera parameters, powder debut new software and hardware, you could almost say we have been replaced by Smartphones entry-level digital camera. But many analysts ‘ eyes not only digital camera body, they believe even iPhone7 Plus has the capability and a low-end DSLR.
Dolly will not damage the camera industry, but Dolly will continue to adapt and promote the development of camera industry has allowed cameras further toward the high-end of the development of the industry.
However, digital SLR camera shipments have fallen from 2012, and analysts believe the decline will continue until at least 2017. Although iPhone7 Plus is not the only factor contributing to digital SLR shipments fell, but it is likely to give the market a blow.
“IPhone7 Plus has really incredible possibilities available to many customers, and Apple’s gradual progress every year, which allow consumers to prefer iPhone instead of the camera when taking photos. “Chute, an analyst said.

Harry Wang, a famous analysis of the company’s senior executives also agreed with the statement. “The Smartphone camera and SLR (entry level) between the gap is getting smaller and smaller, entry-level digital SLR camera users may for portability and ease of editing and other reasons, iPhone7 Plus, of course, the Smartphone camera optical zoom, and depth of field with high-end digital SLR cameras is still a lot of gaps. ”

Professional photographer Robert Herman also mentioned that he first seriously taken with iPhone in 2009 when, because of his pursuit of 70 ‘s style of realistic painting, he felt the early iPhone very much in line with his needs, nothing more than the pursuit of his colleagues also suggest that he is a joke. Subsequently, Robert Herman shot with iPhone 4s,5s a lot of amazing photos, but his only objection is that the iPhone can’t shoot RAW photos now? All this has changed.
“I’ve been using an iPhone and a Nikon SLR camera work, but I can be more dependent on the iPhone7 Plus you can shoot RAW photos! “Robert Herman said.
Voice their support for the many voices of objection there. Nikon senior Kosuke Kawaura, mentions, no smart-phone camera can be compared to a digital SLR. Of course, analysts also noted that more professional photographers still need to rely on digital SLR cameras, but as a real Shutterbug, you need to understand the skill using any of the different types of camera, regardless of holding in your hand is a DSLR or a iPhone.

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