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Lover not full? 5 tips to teach your boyfriend ambiguous man escalated into

Lover not full 5 tips to teach your boyfriend ambiguous man escalated into
Lover not full 5 tips to teach your boyfriend ambiguous man escalated into

Sun really has “you just like me” fateful coincidence? Just put yourself in the best light show, ambiguous objects will one day become a lover? Seems to be not so good in real life! Wood and fire, but no proper air combustion, worry is just a waste of time! Gender writers love of honey floating green 1999, quick to answer your relationship problems, teach you how out of the dilemma is a long story of unrequited love, men escalated into an affair a boyfriend!

Why is he flirting did not express

“Ambiguity makes people greedy, wait until lost its meaning.

“Sing a lot of girl’s heart. Why Hello but never say? Think he’s playing with your feelings, but not loudly scolded him is the man who abandoned you! In fact, “like” is a visceral feeling, very pure, very impulsive, but if you want to “own”, but considering the present situation can afford. Men may love your vivacious, like when you relaxed and easy, but when it comes, he will have to consider whether he has the ability to hold your tame enough personality. Who doesn’t like good things, but he did like to want to take your frustrations, and occasionally cynical bogey vulgar? Whether to see when you are not perfect, still remember your good side, willing to accompany you? If not, maybe he wasn’t good enough for you, will only flirt with you and not with you! Such a person, you don’t have to shame.

Whether pure friendship between men and women?

How on Earth a pure friendship, how to flirt, which is anyway debate is not clear. Insists that he and those pretty in pink friend is just pure friendship between men, perhaps can be as simple as two, one is “psychological ghost does not recognize”, and the other one is “really considered to be pure friendship.” Former twisted flowers and grass types, together is the question of potential cheats, no need to argue with him what is pure friendship; if this ambiguous belongs to the latter category, then let him know how you feel and perhaps more important than arguing about who was right. Trust is one of the most important things in the emotion, but trust the other half does not mean that your friendship between him and the opposite sex is completely allowed. Contacts should be understood “suspicion”, is to respect each other, respect yourself, even to respect everyone else’s Foundation.

How would he like me?

Do you have such experience: like a boy ages, wanted to let him know that you are his perfect object, independently and not contrived or to spend money boys, ambiguous for a few months, but still no results. Tangled what he did wrong? Is too anxious to show independent forget occasionally sprinkled a spoiled brat? Also should not wait passively, should direct express? When we love someone, always they can study, using what methods draw attention, but forgot one of the most important things, that is: let you do the trick, but they do not take that, what can you do? In fact, the world of feelings would have “as long as I did, you’ll like me” is such a thing. You can determine all the are you willing to pay, after doing this you will not regret it, tried, worthy of their own, it would be nice.

Don’t be a “labels and contents are not” woman

Time stressed “woman sense” seems to be a mass of atmosphere pressure, encouraging women to intellectual independence of kindness, turning into a marginalization of discrimination-emotional girl, makes me think, “if I don’t do something, man would not love me”, leading to many women can’t even recognize, and admitted that he was a woman who risks looking petty. Mean, many women are “sensible, independent and” brainwashed by dogma, so used to take “rational love smart” masks, forgetting his true face, and lost the ability to speak directly to the heart really feels. If you’re really not very good at such a thing as rational, then just don’t push your rational! Don’t put yourself into “labels and contents are not” woman, so as to avoid appreciation of love, will be returning!

Put down those cute little caprice

We are not so sweet, not-so-reasonable time, caprice was to arm themselves, is self-esteem, is the fear of injury. But this little caprice will make you fall in love, become particularly hard. On the surface, you wayward not afraid of losing, you firmly refuses to compromise, but the final analysis of your ambition, that two people just “personalities” and give up, instead of making you miss! When everyone has a wayward, but as they grow older, or met the right person, you begin to learn to let go of lofty self-regard, compromise with myself, you know, without causing trouble to test his heart, is not willing to give him. Tell yourself that with its effort into a dead end, than to be a people who deserve to be treated!

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