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Buy Apple care+ iPhone 7 without foil

Buy Apple care+ iPhone 7 without foil

New year will bring you all kinds of surprises, but users can also occur after use of various issues, such as: bent, broken screens, Home keys out of order status, in order to avoid these problems, we began buying mobile phone shell equipped with tempered glass film. In situations like this, everyone was too afraid to give his iPhone “naked”, because the price is too high. Actually, the solution to this problem is simple, just in passing when buying iPhone buy Apple care+ on the line.

Children’s shoes said not to buy Apple care+, 788 Yuan is required when first bought, and then wait to be used there will be 628, is too expensive, right? I told you so, you take a hammer to smash your phone, the motherboard battery screen, the chip housing completely damaged, in short, is damaged to the point of impossible to repair, if at this time you have the Apple care+, 628 new machines, isn’t it cool?

Having said that everyone should understand, this money is being spent to buy rest assured, I can be assured after buying Apple care+ “naked”, the fuselage scratches, not until mobile phones when it comes to watering, too! Throw a bubble on the bubble in the water, then cool with your RMB to find Apple aftermarket.

Hong Kong Apple Care+ in mainland China without money for a new machine
This year going to HK for iPhone7 small companion notice! After purchasing your machine Please add the Apple Care+, because once a phone problem, free in the city, replaced by a new machine, and “three packs of” time to count. Why? Because this is a BUG in Apple after sales, Apple in the United States, Hong Kong and other areas of Apple Care+ is later replaced with new machines do not pay, and in the implementation of the standards are not the same, although this was discriminatory, but to buy Hong Kong iPhone value is very small partners in the Mainland.

Cheaper iPhone and Apple Care+ in Hong Kong is relatively less price 200 Yuan on the Mainland, but also can not add money in the city for a new machine is indeed iPhone7 new choices this year, of course, it’s only going to my friends in Hong Kong.

Some other questions about AppleCare:
1, Hong Kong, bought mainland mobile phone and AppleCare+ are available in the city, stores warranty, if there are no stores in the city, which can only bring a cell phone to the nearest city with stores to maintain. AppleCare+ purchased in other countries on the continent are not warranties, iPhone does not enjoy the global warranty, local Apple retail shops and stores in mainland China and Hong Kong, and Macao only the equipment purchased.

2, jailbreak does not give warranty of the machine, if problems can start, you must recover the system warranty, or simply hit it can not open the machine.

3, replacement parts, attachments, enjoy the remainder of the original warranty period of time or from the date of repair or replacement warranty period of 90 days, whichever period is longer.
At last:

IPhone7 support waterproof, a thinner body, feel better, then the “naked” is a better choice? If the “naked”, please purchase the Apple Care+, because not only the normal warranty period has been extended, and mobile phone there is a problem, you can get direct replacement stores, not as a waste of time as before Apple identification may well not warranty. Of course, AppleCare+ practical person.

Buy Apple care+ iPhone 7 without foil
Buy Apple care+ iPhone 7 without foil

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