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Suizokukan Girl Ep 8 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

Suizokukan Girl Ep 8 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

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 Suizokukan Girl Eps 8

The drama tells the story of a girl named Shima Yuka, who had a huge career turnaround from a regular office lady to becomes an aquarium keeper and ultimately, a marine expert.

Drama Main cast

Matsuoka Mayu as Shima Yuka
Kiritani Kenta as Kaji Ryohei
Sawabe Yu as Imada Shuta
Uchida Asahi as Isokawa Riku
Adachi Rika as Koshiba Kumiko
Kiba Katsumi as Kou-san
Ishimaru Kanji as Kurano Hisayuki
Ito Shiro as Utsumi Ryotaro
Kinoshita Houka as Morishita Yoji
Nishida Naomi as Yoshizaki Ichiko


in the morning on the streets, the new Taipei appears a group of black men and women were randomly smashing shop, victims aquarium owner, when the shop only to find on the door of the flag vandalism, call up the monitor, the original early morning when a group of people through the front of the store, where a man suspected for fun, holding the banner of destruction, accompanied by a friend did not stop, still laughing aside fight downtown; but afterwards the police locked the identity of all six people

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