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Fabulous Rio! Counting Olympic woman athlete

Fabulous Rio! Counting Olympic woman athlete
Fabulous Rio! Counting Olympic woman athlete

Beauty is women’s nature, even if the movement even on the playing field, always beautifully washes and does not show a bit of a corner. Rio Olympic Games in full swing open, in addition to motor skills, beauty contestants dress is a must for fashion fans relish. Take a peek at these even in the Olympics, not relaxing at all on looks beautiful athlete, may be able to find dress inspiration from them too! Small meat high face value of Olympic gods collection.

Xu Xiaoyuan

Table tennis player Xu Xiaoyuan is known as “Korea table tennis is the first beauty”, although with the Taiwan players Zheng Yijing lost the duel, but she looks pure and lovely, with clear skin and a pretty Qi Liuhai hair, let Taiwan fans call “love”.

Xu Xiaoyuan likes to wear accessories. Often see her in the play still wear small earrings, necklaces and other jewelry, also in the game wearing Korea very red lace bracelet, show the “movement is still pretty” insisted.

Wu Jiaying

Shooter Wu Jiaying from Kaohsiung, is represented the team in the Olympic Games for the first time. But when her early participation in the 2011 World Universiade in Shenzhen, because the scenery beautiful passport photo, by netizens as “the most beautiful documents” and becomes famous. Wu Jiaying shape to Qi Liu Hai often highlights of watery eyes, she also likes playing on the nail, and make styling more beautiful.

Federica Pellegrini

Italy swim ladies Federica Pellegrini, signature hairstyle is left-right asymmetry of curly hair and so hip. When swimming, any kind of makeup are unable to take care of, but she is from Milan, usually wear a ride well worth the fashion fan reference. She preferred dark leggings on the Assembly of red lips, fashion index does not lose Hollywood movie stars, it’s no wonder she is often a guest of fashion week. Olympic clothing out of which country the most fashionable?

Natasha Hastings

United States sprinter Natasha Hastings but took the Olympic gold medal, is probably the most unknown famous love beautiful. She often changed capacity makeup and hairstyle, even with makeup on the runway, also speak cosmetics. Past says she was “pink girl”, like using pink lip gloss. But her latest modelling is a straw gold hair, and matching red lip gloss.

Darya Klishina

Russia long jumper Darya Klishina ten is a famous beauty, height 180 cm, Gabriel, she was a model, had been to Russia of the Vogue cover. She will play with makeup, but whether it’s games, modelling jobs or in private, her preference was almost naked without makeup makeup, use curved Bay liuyemei, nude lipstick makeup to create the natural aerobic and net key.

Allison Stokke

At the age of 17, as a photo of a round when her hair becomes famous United States pole vault athlete Allison Stokke, known as the Rio Olympic Games the most beautiful player. Heavy, fitness of wheat-colored skin and toned body, she received a job offer from many models. But she attended Berkeley University and continued her career.

Simone Biles

United States women’s artistic gymnastics team’s 19 year old teenager Simone Biles in addition to the Olympic gold, bright eyes, her somewhat childish look equally impressive. Recently she and her boyfriend, Brazil gymnastics team photo of Arthur Mariano, she snuggled next to boyfriend of only 142 cm, very cute, is praised by netizens they were the Golden couple of gymnastics.

Sun Yan

From South Korea, known as the “spirit of gymnastics” Sun Yan, innocent lovely face sprouting a bunch of friends. Although battle game based on heavy makeup and painted several layers of different colors of eye shadow, Sun Yan is rarely painted in private eye, but through the show pink lipstick matte finish good. There are rumors of her retirement since the Rio Olympics, but took a lot of advertising and endorsement of her might in the future be able to develop entertainment industry.

Fabulous Rio! Counting Olympic woman athlete
Fabulous Rio! Counting Olympic woman athlete

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