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Qinwei bin small charges, were engaged in underage girls 7th victim of the Church

Qinwei bin small charges, were engaged in underage girls 7th victim of the Church
Qinwei bin small charges, were engaged in underage girls 7th victim of the Church

Qinwei rape suspicions more cumulative, 7th victim b female 38 years old yesterday “sound” in awareness activities qinwei allegation 6 years ago, after his home was raided on the hard, “he hid behind the door, I went in was torn down, unable to resist.” Since then she AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Qinwei suspected in the “House of artists” Church extended talons, a female member of yesterday’s complaints about at least 5 women had been qinwei verbal or physical harassment. First victim stylist bin-small step yesterday accused Facebook qinwei: “Church young girls. “But issued a Facebook were shut down after she suspected qinwei report.
Bin-small fact 6 years ago qinwei sexual assault last week, day qinwei responded by saying “two lovers”, but the next day there are 6 women accused him of hijacking the bow. 7th b, both women victims 38 yesterday revealed that 6 years ago is burning by qinwei, she was invited to qinwei, but in half and forced sex.

B women’s tremulous voice recalls: “qinwei hid behind the door, I went in, he just pushed me down, he’s such a great strength, while my strength is not small, but unable to resist. “After 2 people having sex intercourse, was enough to make her very uncomfortable,” he used to talk about sexually explicit, erotic words over the phone, ask what I’m wearing clothes, I feel to 0204 “. Finally she can’t bear to break up, now married with children.

Qinwei peach affair has, in recent days have been good friends to provide fire victims face book, the reporter again and put them in Facebook search asking whether the victim would like to survey respondents, but most of them were rejected, some married with families, some people don’t want to think about the past. Courage of the victims interviewed required reporters must be accessed using voice recording files.

Yesterday the “House of artists” Church Women s Miss fact: the “qinwei intentionally touch girls breasts from time to time, to any women he will say I love you for a long time, I would like to ask you to dinner, give me a chance, I am not small! “Represents a unique Song Damin is the man who will protect them. Reporters yesterday to call the Song Damin, but he didn’t answer the phone, no newsletter, brother Song Yimin said they did not know.

Bin-small Po private Facebook screenshot qinwei Church young girls, given to her by friends in private that “I know there are 4 of our Church, and big belly out, well…….” Bin-small fires Bate choked: “qinwei was a cheap shot, even when men qualification at all! “Bin-small accused him of being a” kuaiqiang man “, revealed to the media on qinwei hard process” just leaked to shoot soon. “

Artists House church doors locked yesterday, qinwei at zhongxiao doorbell four offices and homes without response, parking didn’t see qinwei, administrators said, have not seen qinwei days home. Reporter yesterday called qinwei 2 phones, a shutdown, another missed, confirmation text messages have not been back to him.

Qinwei to avoid sexual assault crisis, temporary absence of benefit concert the day before yesterday, and yesterday he saw signs wrong, simply go abroad to avoid the limelight. Paraphrasing qinwei “willing to apologize, but I do not know what to do,” Taiwan life quality Association Secretary-General Pao Yu Kai was asked about rumors of qinwei fleeing the country, pauses for a few seconds before saying: “not likely. ”
Pao Yu Kai explains it was because qinwei active call in and let the absence of public welfare activities, learned of qinwei situation is not good, “two days before the House, the mood is very low”, that encourages qinwei, please? Ji Bao as awkward said by telephone: “we are all brothers and sisters, would encourage him. ”
Qinwei rape suspicions is like a snowball, the Chairman press conference yesterday, bassist Lin Dajun is the father of 2 daughters, he said, did not know qinwei, but injured girls “what foolish qinwei have chance? Girl know how to protect themselves, it takes two to tango “. Lai Garden of hope Foundation CEO Chi Hui-jung criticized, this will harm people rationalize, one does not agree with.
The modern women’s Foundation, Assistant Executive Director Lin Meixun said, this argument seems to people purse was snatched, not accountability to rob people, but blame the victim didn’t protect their wallets, underscoring powerlessness against crime in our society, this is too heavy and hurt is enormous. Users also do not agree that June, saying that “rape, it is called a tango? Even the husband and wife are not compulsory “,” girls who would like to happen, how can such a comment. ”
June said, often hear small Lady actress will take the initiative to close big Lady host exposure, increased visibility, citing such as Chang Fei, GE, cucumber has make a scandal, but men and women things say, usually warm, but the Orchestra seldom such a thing, singer JI says with a laugh, because the Orchestra is very poor. But netizens sarcasm, “Orchestra (such a thing) a lot, just look at face value”.

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