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Jay felt trapped terms to stop small domed hope other artists don’t see concert

Jay felt trapped terms to stop small domed hope other artists don't see concert
Jay felt trapped terms to stop small domed hope other artists don’t see concert

Jay Chou “ground strongest” Shanghai concert 3rd, originally planned to sing back to the Taipei little dome August but booking 9 days the site was cut a head to tail, only 7 day schedule, jewel General Manager Yang Jun Rong 4th celebration anger: “this is commonly known as the” whose clauses “, 7 days how do 3 games? I’m not going to! Want me to go to the small domed “yangchun noodles”? No, I can’t do the site show! ”

Yang Jun Rong said, Jay Chou’s concert stage would require 4 and a half days to 5 days plus 1 day of the rehearsals, vocal down 1 day, 3 days, at least 10 days, but even paying high rents to rent enough days, the Museum does not give reasons. He had before the Taipei City Cultural Bureau Ni Chung-reaction, without solution, I do not know who to turn to.

Yang Jun Rong didn’t want to hit Jay “ground strongest signs reading” won’t reduce the specifications of the concert, had to return August venues. Gaiden, whose wheat last year renting small Dome Concert 1 month, other operators complained later, the Museum would not allow the same unit got a long season, “whose clauses” Although not expressly provided, but there are many record companies to apply for a maximum number of days that were shot. Yang Jun Rong but said smaller dome thought “cannot be so rigid.”

Him with Jay Chou Shanghai station 4, for example, rented Mercedes Benz 17 day site, you can prepare: put trial machines in Guangzhou, and shipped to Shanghai rehearsals, is spend the most money ever again. “The strongest surface” January next year scheduled 35 matches, but not Taiwan, Chou bitterly: “row, to borrow again, large dome was torn down. “Jewel yesterday said it was the small dome schedule next year, has informed date, days to reply to each other can be rented.

Alleged “whose clauses”, Chen Zihong, whose brokers yesterday: “really, should ask the transit authority, and hope that they will make it clear. “He believes that record companies schedule, onto the felt is a little far-fetched, will not be particularly telling her this, so as not to disturb her retirement.
News Director Ling Qiyao Taipei yesterday said the transit authority non-schedule of audit units, only with approved agency and event management. Taipei City Bureau Deputy Secretary Li Lizhu is said, small giant egg rental annual audit 2 times, all case synchronization trial, near hundreds of application inevitably occurred activities time similar, and rental days reduced situation, stressed is responsible for audit members, must considerations planning case integrity and feasibility, site technology and security, and professional implementation force, and the venues benefits, factors issued, process just, and transparent, “not limit days, must no felt terms”.

Jay Chou sings 4 games in Shanghai and the whole family, Ling and Zhou Kun wife MOM relay, Quentin mother daughter Hathaway in a restaurant, and take turns to go to the concert. He will accompany his daughter to play it before going out and performing again and hug her, weeks MOM took her granddaughter to swim, no clearance is not afraid of exposure, he said: “I am not against, anyway, everybody knew I like it! ”
Tour this week moved to Beijing just age of Hathaway, and he had no time to help girls do birthday lie, most everyone in the hotel play, Kun-ling have prepared mini dress for her daughter; he considering the concert was too loud, no takes Hathaway to the scene, waiting for her a little, then told her to lay flowers on stage, say hello to the audience.

He married and had children later increased rather than decreased, touring Spike, the Jay’s bedtime story digital album sales, let his idols aside the burden, said “very quiet, very satisfied with the status quo”, and promised to sing without term, bringing artists married boomers.
Kun ling is accused of Vanves, he said: “she’s activities than I do, Yes, funny! “Once the officers said to him:” my daughter went to her book signing, is a fan of your wife. “He amazed home wives” fans like friends (dogs)! “A friend told him a confinement center playing his new songs of the world before people, he was full of joy.
Concert named “the strongest surface”, he is most proud of is the stage, “began well, inclined lift play no one had done”, light and sound progress than last time. As for the singing part, he referred to: “Eason Chan, Jacky Cheung is the school of singing, of course. “He joked:” I hope other artists don’t come, there will be no more. “If that artist concert, he will be under a lot of pressure.
Apprentice Wai chun as guests, Jay said, “I have observed that we did not go to the bathroom. “His loyalty, did not forget to arrange a friend bullet performance.

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