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Doctors Ep 17 Eng Sub Korean Drama

Doctors Ep 17 Eng Sub Korean Drama

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Doctors Eps 17 Eng Subbed

The Rascal Hui Jing as Korea SBS moonfire series aired from June. puxin cover starring Kim Rae-won, the warm words, of the upper-class love Ho Ming Hee writers writing, to sit in prison the Rascal Liu Huijing (Park Shin Hye) is as the hero, spoke about her life hit bottom, stamina to become the doctor’s story after his release from prison. Is the writer of the original Rascal Hui Jing River.

女流氓慧靜 第17集

mingxi  broadcasting cultural foundation for the promotion of the dramas of the 5th highest rated scripts collection activities. Story down the bottom of women with intellectual realism in love man at first is the relationship between teachers and students, became doctor seniors and Juniors, only love to show change and growth through life stories.

About Drama News

When Hye-Jung was young, her life was difficult. She was good at fighting, but also studied well. Overcoming her tough situation, she is now a doctor.

불량 배 희 선사 

의사”SBS 월요일 및 화요일 55시 시간 슬롯 이전” 로얄 도박꾼 “에 의해 점유 하 고 .년  월 에” 스 칼 렛 마음:: 려 “로 대체 됩니다 걸립니다.초기 작업 제목이 이었다 “Yeoggangpae Hyejung” (“여성 깡패 혜 정”).첫 번째 스크립트 읽기  월  일  고양시, 경기도, 한국에서에서SBS 일 산 제작 스튜디오에서 열렸다.첫 번째 작업 성 예고편  월  일,에 촬영 되었다.배우가 기 우 게 카메오  모습.

Drama Main Cast

Park Shin-Hye as Yoo Hye-Jung
Yoon Hyun-Sang as Jung Yoon-Do
Lee Sung-Kyung as Jin Seo-Woo
Kim Rae-Won as Hong Ji-Hong

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