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Sports goddess how to wear in summer?

Sports goddess how to wear in summer?

Sports goddess how to wear in summer
Sports goddess how to wear in summer

Summer heat wave struck, Sun and sweat also unstoppable women exude confidence charm! Movement brand New Balance launched series technology cool sense women clothing, using NB ICE, and NB DRY and the NB FRESH three species exclusive technology, meet women diversification needs, sway sweat of while, feel cool breathable of comfortable wearing experience, appearance soft bright pink color and the dug back through cool cut, outline out women mighty and losing unrestrained of confidence of beauty, for this year summer do prepared, by within outer bloom light, became this summer dazzling note of focus!

Sports brand for ice-launched NB ICE technology uses special cold mineral technology, decreased body temperature when wearing 1~2℃, even under high temperature and sunlight can reach cool cool effect; moisture-wicking, anti-UV and antimicrobial features more traditional materials such as superior, skin does not feel discomfort during exercise, in the most relaxed and comfortable State to enjoy the sport! Women vest mesh mosaic among the most “in” before and after short short version of the type design, excellent breathable wear can immediately feel, both styling and functional neat reflective lines can provide relief when the female night night run experience completely.

In addition to the heat-resistant ICE technology, NB DRY building material moisture wicking technology that can quickly drain the moisture produced by sweating, dry and wear experiences leave “sticky TT” discomfort, activity can be more freedom and flexibility in stretching. In women’s sports bra is spent on foot, in addition to having the same moisture wicking technology apart from material, particularly on different intensity activities designed for women of all levels of covered supporting breast shape, so that women can face the oncoming power of impact. In addition, the latest fresh-fitted elastic tight pants containing NB FRESH technology can reduce the odors produced by bacterial breeding, can make the skin even when large amounts of exercise to maintain natural balance, strong movement to keep refreshing! Not only that, but tights, shiny surface texture of the elastic fabric cuts, female runners also provides good air permeability and ductility, giving the movement the best power.

In addition, the popular music of the world running your party The Music Run by KOKO comes again! The second in Taiwan organized by The MusicRun ™ by KOKO, September 24 (Saturday) at 4 o’clock in the afternoon in Banqiao’s official start of the Riverside Park of Fuzhou art, look forward to love music and run “Music Runners ™” night run.

The Music Run ™ for the first time in 2014, in Malaysia held that is liked by many Music Runners ™, this year will run in 18 countries, 40 cities, let The Music Run ™ participant’s fast-growing road running events around the world, in the Americas, Europe and Asia can see Music Runners ™ figure.

World top 5 km road run, we will along the runway at Fuzhou art Riverside Park concert in more than 120 large audio specifications, playing popular songs Music by Runners ™ votes, let your Music Runners every mile you can enjoy rock, pop, oldies, hip-hop, dance music and other topics! Before running had invited well-known Orchestra as Music cheered Runners ™ not only, live music party DJ Sam invited Australia charm Withers performances for all Music Runners ™ to with passionate music and swing in the summer, and cool sound and light effects, together with the side friends ran out of memory.

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