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My Sister Ep 1 Eng Subbed Taiwanese Tv Series

My Sister Ep 1 Eng Subbed Taiwanese Tv Series

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My Sister Ep 1 Eng Subbed 

The 70, and on the vast paddy fields of the Lanyang plain, White egrets walked the course. Runs in the family “Aeon preserves” Joan American parents very filial, only sister, Joan jade truly cherish. Years when young qiongmei had in dream in the foreseen next door neighbors of Grandpa to health, with mother said finished next was into really, scare have mother to Joan beauty yihou no mess talk, originally only thought is coincidence, but Dang qiongmei of dreams barrage into really Shi, mother fear qiongmei was folks as heterogeneous.

白鷺鷥的願望 第1集

solemn warning Joan beauty not on anyone filed dreams of thing, in mother of insisted Xia, qiongmei had to hidden secret, but kind of she is couldn’t help with various way help on disaster knew nothing of people, and carefully hidden this secret And qiongmei idiosyncrasy of mothers have been very worried, to marriageable age, actively identifying marriage for her, qiongmei worried that after marriage can no longer take care of their parents and sister, so hesitant to wait one or two years to talk about marriage . Because her husband unexpectedly, qiongmei found my dearest sister, not only in their own marriage, and intent to Rob her husband’s property, in order to protect her family and her children, who resolutely come forward to dealings with the rival’s sister, and the conspiracy to take away everything between the brother-in-law, sister-in-law and mother-in-law. See how qiongmei from an only son of traditional Taiwan women transformed into shopping malls strong woman, wrote a page of legends stories.

Main Cast

 Wang Shujuan/Lian Jingwen/Zhang Jingzhi/Han Yibang/Dr. Jun Zhao ya

My Sister Ep 1 Eng Subbed Taiwanese Tv Series
My Sister Eps 1 Eng Subbed Taiwanese Tv Series

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