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Why Microsoft is still on iOS and Android applications development

Why Microsoft is still on iOS and Android applications development

Since Microsoft cut after the mobile phone business and will enrich many more on the move. Microsoft first released the Arrow in the Android launcher and a promotion-free Microsoft Apps, posted on iPhone and Microsoft Selfie and Microsoft Pix. From a quantity perspective, Microsoft applications in Google Play last game total 80, and application in the App Store last game also has 69, large amount of overall, and both of these platforms also have exclusive application.

And we know for a fact, that Microsoft has just confirmed the third largest job cuts although 18,000 people than 2014, and 2015 7400 people a lot less, but the layoffs of 2850, 900 people are still Microsoft’s mobile business and sales team.

Therefore, compared to the total extermination of the mobile handset business, promotion on Microsoft mobile applications without reduction. So what prompted Microsoft to give up the mobile phone market, but still in the mobile application and effort?
The strategic level
On the strategic transition from Microsoft, to give up mobile phones businesses is not the ultimate goal, but to get rid of the burden, better in transition. And, after you dump the handset business, Microsoft can better perform “mobile first, cloud-first” strategy.

Microsoft is in the three sectors, in addition to Windows OS, Bing search, and Surface and Xbox hardware products outside the personal computing sector, productivity and business process and smart cloud sectors and cloud computing are closely related links.

And these cloud service does not means with only need a function rich of HTML5 page on can will all content show in customer, and enterprise personnel or is consumers before, because is not all of when people will sat in computer Qian, and as the Microsoft in promotion himself new of Dynamics 365 business Shi by mentioned of, company hope all big customer, can in any place more convenient to using Dynamics 365.
This means that Microsoft’s cloud services needs to make better than open HTML5 Web pages on a mobile phone experience. Microsoft can’t give up mobile phones businesses gave up on even the mobile application business together, and is now the business market for mobile office and increasing demand for services in the cloud, as more and more customers using cloud services, for these services in convenience and visibility requirements will naturally be higher. For now, development is undoubtedly the best way to improve the user experience, and because the application can be installed locally, so that these applications can be attached more useful features.

In other words, even if the Windows Phone, no Win10 Mobile phones, company employees, customers and consumers can still on iOS and Android application developed by Microsoft that quality on cloud services.
We are in Office 365 Kit for use on mobile phones and tablet computers, Exchange or Outlook applications, compared with these services have to be opened by using a browser fast and smooth, and more powerful, while the powerful application with Microsoft cloud services continuous improvement, can we truly achieve the final desired effect of Microsoft. Coming for a long time, Microsoft will continue to work for more mobile device application development.

Application level
In addition to the needs at the strategic level, Microsoft is part of the application is also used to showcase the company’s “black science” such as Microsoft Selfie and Microsoft Pix of the two apps.
These two apps are using image recognition technology, through which technology can “fool” achieving beauty, brightened, and other functions. We not know processing these photos need with Shang how many artificial intelligence related of function, but at least we in using of when feel not to these application for has networking–Yes, these application is need networking of, because only networking to let these technology play role, and show in photos Shang; and like is Prisma that need depth neural network and on photos for “beyond recognition” of transformation only will need is big of network bandwidth and long of processing time.
In addition, perhaps Microsoft lazy, don’t want to fit more Android models, it only released the iOS version. But even the iOS version, Microsoft is able to collect more of the contents of the picture.

It is important to note, because this is the depth of a branch of neural networks, these pictures will be upload and image recognition by machine learning or discovery and processing function, this also means that this photo will be artificial intelligence “see” for processing. But in fact Microsoft very strict privacy protection agreement was signed, these are artificial intelligence “sees” the image will only be used to optimize the algorithm, and the picture itself is not preserved in storage.

Why Microsoft is still on iOS and Android applications development
Why Microsoft is still on iOS and Android applications development

Both the strategic level and application level, Microsoft mobile applications need to be done better. In actual use, we found that whether it is Microsoft applications such as Selfie or Office 365, card or application crashes always occur if Microsoft only concern behind the cloud stability of quality of service rather than the application itself, is an injury to consumers and customers.

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