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Good Times Ep 17 Eng Sub Taiwanese Tv Series

Good Times Ep 17 Eng Sub Taiwanese Tv Series

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Good Times Eps 17 Eng Subbed

Of the Belle Époque. this drama for TV. Zenith television made the eight-point document. and Teresa Teng’s songs for the story. the story background is selected in the year she died in 17171717. in 1701717. a wedding is being held. but is actually a high school reunion have reached the age of 317. Late of small. titles is marketing PR Director. but this months she and took not to salary. at first glance life smoothly of June friends. is always is others is countdown 17nd a boyfriend. stage seems happiness of boqi and bun. is are not first times married. and they also in. more than 170 years.

美好年代 第17集

Qian of a friends. didn’t thought people not to sound first to. ayuan with full magnetic of voice sing: “any time hurried flow to. I only care you. time in moment returned to has May 17. 17171717. Teresa died of this day. Open ayuan. handsome friend. boqi and small youth. at age 1717. came as young Tigers or red when they have formed a small “Tiger” team. they realize their dreams through hard work-trying to intimidate black. efforts to sway their youth blood . But blood is often used on the pursuit of beauty queen Jiang Anni. Small boys have no human of the opposite sex. especially ayuan . And when a universal transfer student Ji Jie.

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move into the small home. ayuan slowly came to understand common friendship. in fact inexplicable feelings exist . Not so that young professionals to stay ahead. then previous generations of men formed a “tiger team. old jump only a mouth. says wife ill of them the most. but mention of the child’s future. parents will be on the same team to worry about … Through the memories of youth of this generation. as well as previous generations of parents ‘ younger years. lane formed a better era. passed that year. when we were young … But when it came to 1701717. they will decide? Can know how-with treasure.

 Drama Main Cast

Liu Yier/Blues/An Junpeng/te Hwang says/Yang Ming-Wai, Director  Sung Ming


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