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Before the opening of the Olympic Games is a mess

Before the opening of the Olympic Games is a mess
Before the opening of the Olympic Games is a mess

4 years at the Olympic Games to be held in the southern hemisphere for the first time, but the Brazil Rio de Janeiro, run-up to the sluggish economy, after political turmoil, are raging. Recently, another delegation encountered theft, negative news such as unfinished in the Olympic village.
Rio’s four-day countdown to the Olympics, Brazil is still explosive protests against the Olympics. Thousands of people rallied Sunday in kepajiabana Beach in southern Rio de Janeiro, requires permanently oust President rousseff currently suspended. The same day, Brazil against her protests were held in 11 States.

805 or demonstrations

But on the other hand, against acting President Michel Temer demonstrations also took place. They called for her immediate reinstatement, and did not rule out protests, held on August 5 at the Rio Olympic debut.

Rio de Janeiro State Government bankrupt, Brazil has been in arrears for 2 months, civil servants and teachers took to the streets, and part of the torch relay tour has been canceled, passing more athletes withdrew from the trip.

Currently has about 60% Brazil believe that expensive Olympic Games held in when economic conditions, negative impact on the country than positive.

We are facing a financial crisis to cut military manpower, leading to Brazil rise in the crime rate.

According to Agence France-Presse reported that Brazil Morales, Minister of Justice announced that it had arrested 13 terror suspects.

Delegation is staying at the Olympic village, about 400 suspected damaged rooms, accounting for 1/9 of the total, including leaks, gas leaks, toilets clogged, power failures, etc.

Players already in the village of outbreak, Australia and Argentina and other delegations Reject travel, Italy and New Zealand delegations to find someone to repair itself.

Olympic Committee confident

However, Bahá ‘ í of the Rio Olympic Committee President of International Olympic Committee in 1-2 days to solve all the problems with confidence. He said every Olympic host city will face problems at the last minute, Rio is no exception, “you can already feel the Olympic power, this would be a wonderful Olympics.”

Ginger open rehearsal

Malaysia Monday morning, Rio organizing Committee of the Olympic Games first held an open dress rehearsal performance, the audience was packed, a seemingly dull opening, it appears to be a large new: “air speed”!

At that time, hundreds of actors dressed in red dress began to escort this chariot, props in the hands of way for vehicles that unite them. In the moment it took off, the whole atmosphere was ignited, scream, cheer. Central the runway and took off on a chariot, thousands of Samba Group began their performance, Brazil as the birthplace of Samba, which has become a symbol of the local Carnival and popular culture.

Old farmer rode the Olympic Games

China’s “madmen” Jiangsu migrant Chen Guanming 60 years old on July 31 unveiled at the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Guatemala Stadium at Qana, passers-by crowd taking pictures.
Chen Guanming since 2001 after Beijing’s successful Olympic bid will start cycling world. “The Olympic Games where I’ll go. “He pointed to the tricycle printing full coverage said:” this is my means of transportation, but also my sleeping tents. ”

He transformed from an early buildup for the Beijing Olympics to now walk the global experience of Olympic culture, chasing Olympic riding 15 years. Chen Guanming 30th to Rio, and plans to stay for more than 20 days. After the Olympics, he will ride to Oceania.

Suspicious bag preparedness

At the Rio Olympic Games opening Guatemalan Cana has discovered a suspicious bag near the stadium, police in charge of security around the nearby traffic blockade for more than an hour, bomb disposal units rushed to the scene to detonate the backpack, but not explosives under the backpack.

Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony will be held at local time on August 5 and all dress rehearsal will be held on Sunday, surrounding maracana Stadium has been heavily guarded.

Brazil experienced in history there has never been a terrorist attack, but in other countries this year after a series of terrorist attacks, Olympic security level has been increasing. It is understood that Rio from 18th to 21st of this month, the Government has received at least 5 bomb alerts.

Transsexual people as volunteers

Olympics to promote the concept of world, not just athletes, even Olympic volunteers on an equal footing.

Brazil a transsexual named Camilla, 7 years ago, decided to change his appearance, in addition to injecting female hormones, and underwent breast augmentation surgery. But in conservative Brazil society, most work will Reject him because of his appearance, he had to choose to become prostitutes to life.

When you know the Olympic Games held in their city, Camilla decided to apply to become a volunteer, and are not discriminated against because of his sex or sexual orientation, has achieved an extraordinary story.

When Olympic volunteers after Camilla proudly in the social networking site to upload pictures of himself put on a volunteer uniforms, stand out more in training to become leader.

It is worth mentioning that, Camilla likes exercising less, but were 5 football goalkeeper, two Volleyball Championships, she also is familiar to basketball, swimming.

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