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High-end Liao Han Guide: true love is how to seduce out of?

High-end Liao Han Guide true love is how to seduce out of
High-end Liao Han Guide true love is how to seduce out of

Prestige, the public: peace of mind
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Two days ago to see a sentence, “do you think efforts can be successful? Nice try! “Suddenly my heart sank … … Also know that this does have a point after crying, as in romance, you expect to hold up the Han will be able to sleep with God for a lifetime? Nice try!
My little cousin is 28 years old, once I had to listen to her classmates call Twitter to talk about their school’s grass, one is two girl carefully discussed how to make people pay attention. I really don’t worry about her, not that young age, she started practicing hot Chinese skills, but having parents to support good, is a lively, cheerful, generous and confident, purposeful girl, sister, her natural beauty, is just icing on it.
Instead, has one I in a micro-letter group in awareness of girl, secretly everyone are know she is hate married of, ordinarily she but straight male cut of type, looks beauty skin white big long leg, on she self-timer in that small eyes son, I see with are heart, can she of love is always cannot continued half above, this problem is out in has where?
I’d say, and Han in this ability, like martial arts, is actually, the most fundamental is how were your basic abilities and skills. For some girls, like my little cousin, a good environment for her psychological, mental development, growth seamlessly, naturally form inside of the mature, grow up can be distributed naturally feminine charm, unique to women’s soft and lovely.
While the inner is not mature, the kernel does not meet good girl, even to imitation and practice a variety of skills, but parody, those routines may be attractive for a short time, but over time, just like after removing the make-up without makeup photo competition, light, and looked down into the lens, is true or false, just at a glance.
This provocative Chinese quality is good or bad, in fact, lies two points:
1, do you have sufficient self?
2, do you know anything about the “people”? Know anything about the man?

Prestige, the public: peace of mind
We’ll test 1: self
The girls ask, you say that self-woman look like? Don’t worry, I said:
· She love yourself.
Cherish your first layer of meaning is that a woman can physically first respect ourselves, value. What’s that supposed to mean? I know a female apprentice, was doing research, I advised her to dress, but she said they were too shallow, and often wore clothes of an exposed height disadvantage, a pair of shoes covered with dust, hair was well packed, and tantalizing.
Remember there is a Korean sentence “see eyebrows didn’t know this woman has a boyfriend” I still dare not too lax on their appearance. If you indulge in yourself, messy out, how can you blame people don’t look at you?
In the lead with the face value of the world, and has long been said, look’s sultry sister Liao Han, ugly is bullying. Also girls jokingly said, I don’t need to hold up the Han, pectoralis major, bring your own gear, boys eyes moved to open. This heavy emphasis on the outside, but you can say that it does not make sense?
“Yan” to expand the concept of some, was provocative when Han, women smile nicely and eye hook people, sound good, refreshing hair, skin white and smooth, dark fragrance. Remember says in memoirs of a Geisha, kimono is the crowning touch of subtly revealing a woman’s neck, so wear a neck, exposed collarbone and shoulders that are careful of nirvana.
Created the image of a woman, you don’t have a heart to cherish, loved, so how can they be so carefully treat yourself? External is not beautiful, you made me believe you have inner beauty?
· She has the proper confidence.
She does not feel inferior, despise themselves, is not unrealistic, grandiose self-worth to think highly of yourself, but neither haughty nor humble, confident and with warmth, not distant.
Have seen a few lovely words provocative Chinese laws, such as:
“Come on, let me give you a Hexagram! …… Oh! You life is short for me! ”
Another example:
“The fortune teller said I Vanves, do you want to check? ”
There is a girl, I went to the cinema, found on the seat next door was also a boys own a movie, looks quite nice, so he stabbed him with his handstamp, boy ask: “why? “Girls bow somewhat shy to said:” you added I micro-letter I on told you, face to face sorry said…… “then he on added she micro-letter has, and asked girls to dry well, girls said:” didn’t dry well, you really looks…… “again then guy finished movie on began Chase she has……
OK, now have felt confident enough girls in the audience? Half a minute for you, try the three scenarios above, see what is the effect?
You must have felt, enough to believe that only a woman of charm when she uttered these words when they could be natural, cute, funny, otherwise, is the capital of “embarrassing” words are!
Confident enough of praise from parents, from our good parents image. My neighbor’s daughter is living example, little girls learning dance, are particularly beautiful, but still can hear her mother scolded her, her eyes always scared, doesn’t need her beauty, it is said that this year’s dance exams because the examiner said “no aura,” and failed to qualify.
In contrast, qiaomei interpretation of confidence you should remember a female doctor, and are proud of that right that men unconsciously want to conquer. Is because she has self, has himself of three views, has himself of career, has himself of life and pursuit, so, even she was big suppressed, she also still convinced himself of value where, convinced himself to of is what, this inner of clear to has she border sense, to has she power sense, to has she mystery, suddenly caught has men of heart.

· She has the power.
The lyrics are:
Desperate to reach out my hand
Saw the contour as the universe.
These two words to describe my former colleague Melinda apt. She is typical of anxiety girl, because she has a particularly anxious parents. Once I saw a joke, one elder unmarried sister calls home in the Middle, said to be a young man asked her out to eat now, her parents instruct, accompany lad drink, room trying not to go back … … This … … I think your first reaction Yung Yung parents, they gave her too much pressure, Cheng Rongrong also worried and would like someone to marry off away from the annoying parents.
So once when dating someone good impression of her, she immediately on pins and needles, they send a smile she can for a long time, said busy dating, she was able to down a week … … Such lead times down, blind date was getting away from her.
Instead, has set force of girls must is not so hunger of girls, she no so strongly of need, to immediately get a people, immediately get so more of love, she not involuntarily wants to bashing past, anxiety to “you home I home also is as home” of point, but can “play game”, is has taste to to transmits, and played cat and, both not female man, also not weak was, but can let other increasingly active of while, actually put initiative master in himself hand in.
In other words, she was able to reach the highest realm of Liao Han: casual light wind to make them notice you and crush you, you tease him, he can’t feel it, man active in the end coming near you, find you.
Such of girl, not claimed life serial call, also not in micro-letter in check account like kept to questions, or forever seconds back other, but can in other only said has a “well” Word or only sent has a expression of when, deliberately no longer back to other, also can regardless of chat have more happy, if just has things to processing, can bold to say goodbye, active end this talk.
Women have power, to play out some careful machine, such as:
“Meet nice boys, pretend to be casual in front of his friends is to say: ‘ this guy is so hot! ‘ He is sure to hear from friends, and then notice you. Occasionally cross in his eyes for a minute, letting him know you noticed, it won’t be long before he came to see you ~ ”
“To walk in the water in the summer, I wear a halter strap dress, walked for a while come up with paper towels, hot began to clean the face and neck, then let him helping me clean the sweat on the back, I turned around for a long time, felt him gently rub with a paper towel. Then he told me that when his hand was trembling dare not touch me, together now for almost six years…… ”
“Two men stood outside chatting, I suddenly said that eyes in the sand, pretending to rub your eyes with your hands, not wood, he’ll help you look, then there is a natural tease. ”
“Eating two rum chocolate, does he count as drinking and driving, and he drove a car to pick me up from work……”
You see, if a woman just anxiety, how can she keep her, witty heart had an idea anytime, anywhere? So the core is already summarized their sister Liao Han: no! You want to! Die! Around! Sucks! Dozen! Chic! Chic! Chic!
· She had the courage to.
–Do you know why I’m so heavy? Because I heart you … …
–I like you more than two minutes and cannot be recalled.
–Try my new Strawberry Lip balm … …
–The world is now so messed up, I was hiding it!
–Considered a fireman do? You are so handsome, no anger in front of you are the world!
So subtly sweet to say, do you want to try it? There will be a lot of girls saying, isn’t it too mushy? So obvious not say … … Girls so active really OK? Does not say do you want to let the man in front of you?
Look and see, it’s that fear and tigers, God may you hesitate being taken away from the Oh! Will actually hold up Chinese women, not so much fear, nor so rigid about gender relations, indeed, men should be initiative to vindicate, but love to thick, you just to the direct expression of the time, it is key to make them worth bursting.
There is demand to speak, loved to praise, there is desire to directly say it, mentioned women’s self-confidence and power of expression. People who cannot show their vulnerability, it is the most vulnerable. Often when a woman heart trauma, fear of rejection, fear of being despised, feared exposing their vulnerable time, will easily wasted in the suspicion, exploring each other.

Prestige, the public: peace of mind
Some girls seemed in his element in the early exchanges, lift the hype, because her heart is isolated, but when she really had her heart, in love with each other, met her man, but not to do those actions. Is the so-called “care” if she was weak, her growing sense of vulnerability makes her constantly, and natural tease anymore.?
Just like knowing a Netizen said on:
Very sad when I’m provocative Chinese success, I’m not that fond of each other all the time.
Really did not deliberately provocative, but talk was cheerful by nature playful, shaking like a leaf right smart, plus inner attitude does not matter, so there is no fear, talk to wander, looking sincere, instead of in each other’s eyes, eye brow is style from start to finish.
Because care whether won or lost, do not care about you, so plenty of time Squad, who I see who’s playing.
Instead, like a person to no no when he seemed to be glowing, bright enough to make me afraid, I don’t deserve him. Speaking carefully, her fear not. More funky, more stupid, more stupid, more scared.
In retrospect, when congestion will want to fan yourself a slap. You said, which can hold up? Just normal, I’ve been exhausted.
Even have the energy to hold up, but dare not, what he felt I frivolous? White learned etiquette IQ to the dog, the whole cowardly panic panic that they don’t know: cry ugly laugh fear waves, without makeup, makeup, talking tongue, silence be afraid of embarrassing … … All helpless, fearful and perturbed, mother tongue do not speak, he stood in front of me at the moment, I was now caught off balance, run like sheep, utterly routed, full of thought was: I would be pretty good, if I were to be wise enough, if I … … You say, what should I take to hold up?
So, not only early in a relationship you come to me, more of is time real, bold and provocative, deeply provocative, deliberately provocative to really illustrate the maturity of personality.
Finally, we’ll talk about second test said Liao and Han women: emotional intelligence.
World Shang most twist BA of provocative Han, is in he vulnerable unable to, need maternity of comfort Shi, you coy to like a stupid stupid of small daughter as said: “I today put hand hot has, good pain Ah, are is because pour water of when wants to you has……” and in he won a big project, elated sturdy of when, you on he of results blind, instead like a mother as to he took NET clothes, urged he dinner.
No matter how good the same skills, using the wrong timing, would only backfire.
Love business high of woman, can read understand others of expression, understand others words behind of mean, has capacity go into others of inside, can depth total love others; she can understanding others of features, understanding men of features, like not in avoided type fear of when forced requirements knock happy door, also not in others uncomfortable of when cannot awareness to other of mood and need. She had the flexibility and elastic to size up the situation, adults, parents, and children to switch freely between three roles, making love in the rhythm of the ups and downs of natural flow.
As a simple example, if the poor person is a very busy playing with the phone’s uncle, you left a facial expression, right to keep a long speech with his app, might as well give him a call. If at this level are difficult to understand each other, each lift would be difficult to achieve for a long time.

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