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Furenaba Ochin Ep 5 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

Furenaba Ochin Ep 5 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

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Furenaba Ochin Ep 5, Eng Subbed

Experiencing mental anxiety since he was exhausted and compelled by the general population around him. Kojima Haruta quit the vast organization he was working in. Losing both his home and spouse. Shizuka. Kojima hit absolute bottom. He was compelled to carry on with the life of a vagrant. yet turned into a furniture rebuilding skilled worker for Otake Shin. the proprietor of the antique furniture shop. Lio Bonito. through an unforeseen development. On this day. Kojima awakens in a living space made toward the side of a distribution center for classical furniture. He listens to reflection. takes full breaths.gets dressed and takes off.

陷入愛情 第5集

Touching base at Lio Bonito. a representative Itoyama Fumi. calls to him. Kojima is bad with Fumi who seems remedial but rather intrudes in his issues. Alternate representatives are Tomita Ryo. who does not assume of anything. and an unmotivated Shoji Kayoko. At that same minute. Hayama Miyako pulls a bag and leaves a loft. She reviles as she goes down the stairs and kicks up things down the way. She soon touches base at her low maintenance work.

Abut Drama News

however is educated that she has been let go by the store director. Instinct strikes. When she checks out her. she sees a figure fleeing. Miyako glares in that heading. After work that night. Kojima leaves the furniture shop and thumps on the entryway of Shirakami Mental Clinic. which had been at the forefront of his thoughts for quite a while. Shirakami. the leader of the center. welcomes him. In the interim. Kamoda Shizuka. a growing inside facilitator. readies an impeccable supper and shouts to Otake who is watching sports on TV. Regardless of a minute’s delay. Otake great naturedly kills the TV and lauds her sustenance. An upbeat Shizuka takes photos of the nourishment and promptly posts them on her online journal. Kojima completes the process of advising. and pays heed to a tremendous cherry bloom tree in a recreation center.

Drama Main Cast

Hasegawa Kyoko as Kamijo Natsu
Narita Ryo as Saeki Ryu
Tsurumi Shingo as Kamijo Yoshiyuki
Yamaguchi Mayu as Kamijo Yumika
Shinoda Royal (篠田涼也) as Kamijo Mario
Toda Naho as Komaki Rie
Sugawara Daikichi as Komaki Wataru

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