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Health expert recipes-7 day flat belly

Health expert recipes-7 day flat belly

Keep flat stomach and perfect waist line except for the pursuit of beauty, and is closely related to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. Accumulation of fat in the waist section increases the risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure risk. Most frightening is that no matter how much is your BMI index, waist and abdomen more obese people has a higher risk of premature death.

For seven days eat flat stomach
For people who want to lose waist fat, experts also stressed the importance of sleep–because under fatigue conditions, people will unconsciously eat more. Oh yes, and we have emphasized many times “drink” and don’t forget (plenty of water more often than you might think). Another obvious is to eat more vegetables, less refined sugar and processed food, best stevia but (is a low calorie, high sweetness of natural sweeteners, is one of the raw materials of food and drug industry), artificial sweeteners, also quit, which help to lose belly fat fast.

Green fruit and vegetable juice
Here is given by experts of 7th diet plan, followed suit, next week you’ll find belly flatter!
The first day of
Breakfast: a cup of green fruit and vegetable juices: Organic Green Apple, celery, cucumber, cabbage, fresh ginger, half a lemon one inch, a teaspoon of turmeric powder, parsley or celery leaves, squeeze the juice and half a teaspoon of chili powder. Paired with a glass of protein shakes: a spoonful of non-whey protein (such as soy protein), 1/2 cups of berry-like fruit, a glass of almond milk, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract or a teaspoon of cocoa powder.
Lunch: large avocado dandelion salad, seasoned with oil and vinegar.
Dinner: bean soup, half a sweet potato and green salad.

Baked sweet potato
The next day
Breakfast: a cup of green vegetables and fruit juice (recipe with the first day), two tablespoons of Qi ya seed mix one cup of coconut milk, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, jujube shredding, a tablespoon of hulled hemp seed powder (Hemp Seeds) do the odd ya pudding.
Lunch: Green Salad with half a baked sweet potato.
Dinner: grilled seasoned broccoli and quinoa.

Cauliflower soup
The third day
Breakfast: Green juice and protein shake
Lunch: soup served with a salad of cauliflower. Broccoli Soup practices: a clove of garlic, a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil, a small cauliflower, a cup of low-sodium vegetable broth, tbsp thyme leaves, a pinch of salt and black pepper mixed.
Dinner: black beans, avocado, sliced tomatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, onions, lettuce, made Mexico Bowl (left half for lunch tomorrow).

The fourth day
Breakfast: Green juice and Chia pudding
Lunch: left over Mexico Bowl
Dinner: grilled seasoned asparagus mix cauliflower rice (yellow cauliflower mashed into the size of a grain of rice, seasoned with black pepper and a pinch of salt)

Health expert recipes-7 day flat belly
Health expert recipes-7 day flat belly

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