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European Championship team that you love

European Championship team that you love

Smoke of the euro is about to decide the final four, I do not know you love that team still survive on the promotion list? In fact in the history of the European Cup, to be mentioned in several teams each have their own styles, if the team with the most weight in the watch industry watches compare, the team you don’t want to know what love, exactly which brand of watches and goes best with it?

• Italy–Patek
Italy national football team is the most successful in the world to counterattack at tactical team in modern football history in the defense of many reputed to have had “reinforced concrete” as the strong but Italy national football team have never lacked talent on the offensive line, is a tradition worthy of the top teams.

Patek Philippe is the top-level table round the wrist past a brand, let the watch sector surging, its position firmly. Like Italy’s rugged defense, not fear the strong. Patek Philippe Calatrava series of short-lived fashion trends does not affect, conqueror of generations of people. No matter how its appearance changes, also won’t cover their inherent qualities.

• France – Vacheron Constantin
The French romantic and freedom, in football as well as in the area of nature, passion and creativity. Superb footwork made skillful soccer become a both entertaining and confrontational art, balanced ability to control field let them featuring uncompromising fighting force.

As the famous watch manufacturer to “commitment to excellence” motto for the brand Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin), the watchmaking as an exquisite knowledge, reflecting the extraordinary creativity and a sense of excellence in design. Each timepiece are ornamental and artistic one, show the essence of history out of the process.
Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) in 2016, the 26th International Haute Horlogerie in Geneva Salon launched Overseas aspect universal slim on perpetual calendar watches, adhering to vertical and horizontal travel freedom of spirit and attitude of the world series, shows Vacheron Constantin fearless creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. From basic to complex functions, are engraved Geneva seal certification and with the bracelet/strap can be easily replaced for love, who enjoy a comfortable wearing experience.

• Germany – Blancpain
As the most successful team in European Cup history (3 titles, 3 runners-up), Germany team in the European Cup to keep a lot of records. And as this year’s European Cup team took the lead in the round, Germany face-off again set a record: since the European Cup since the group stage began in 1980, Germany (Federal Germany) has 7 Group, ranked first in the team. These awards and the Germany team have become worthy of the “King of stability”, and this stability, from the Germany team has always been tough tenacious style, serious and efficient mechanisms, forces broke out of play.

Blancpain Blancpain has a long history, Shah Jahan-Jacques Blancpain (Jehan-Jacques Blancpain) was founded in 1735, which wrote it nearly three centuries of legend, known as “founder of the classic timepieces”. Blancpain Blancpain is rare in the industry from a to z, completely autonomous design, development, manufacture, Assembly and sale of movement and watch brands, continue to lead the development of the mechanical watch industry, is Switzerland advanced models of mechanical watchmaking.

European Championship team that you love
European Championship team that you love

Talk about “tough iron,” “King of the stable” characteristics, Blancpain 50 fathoms and Germany team the same way. This forerunner of the modern professional scuba diving watch-50 fathoms, listed and put into use in early 1953, its seven properties (with three patents) for diving watches industry set an industry benchmark, undisputed became synonymous with luxury watch. If, say, Germany repeatedly writing in adversity outbreak miracles and legends, then 50 fathoms, Blancpain is that others can’t and, floating returned Tourbillon, Chronograph, moon phase calendar and other complex functions into the deep sea, push dive watch-making brand new heights.

• Spain – Abby
Spain is Europe’s traditionally strong teams, once in 1964, in 2008, 2012 European Championship Champion for three. Team technology is exquisite, exquisite pass, at rational combination of conventional technical routine and use good ground offensive, called European Latin (Latin in Europe sent more technical rationality, emphasize the use of rhythm and sense of space time and space differences. ) While players in the game on a solid foundation of superb individual small ball technique is also very good, play, and is very particular about the game show, and Spain teams play exceptionally good looks.

As Switzerland heritage brand, Abby will be unique in the hundred years tradition, experience and skills, such as fusion, save the exquisite traditional skills, and promoting their dissemination and inheritance. While in the revered tradition based on and surpass advanced watchmaking established barriers and redefining the rules of an existing tab stop. Abby outstanding under each series has a distinct personality, bears witness to the superb century watchmaking excellence, as well as the brand continued to break through the innovative strength. Abby does not follow the crowd, go more dripping personality independence in 1972, delicately showing. Royal Oak Royal Oak series came out that year to break the watch industry sticking to rules, out of tab stop when exceeding the specifications. Four characteristics (stainless-steel case, octagonal ring, “TAPISSERIE” decorative Plaid dial and case in one strap) subvert the conventions of watchmaking, and emphasised in contemporary classic pose set an example. In 2016, the Royal Oak series introduced a gold watch, full of beautiful wind.

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