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Happy Marriage Ep 4 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

Happy Marriage Ep 4 Eng Sub Japanese Drama

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About Drama Happy Marriage Ep 4

Can get married?! President of handsome bounty Gong Beidou (Fujioka Indigo), to white-collar birds with arrears You Qianhe (the wild) propose said: “to pay back the money, and I got married. Thousand and immediately rejected the arbitrariness of the Big Dipper. but then forced to be married. Shook the gentleman s white collar x haven’t been in love, unexpected new life begin!! Marriage will be smooth. Also, choices and thousands of the Big Dipper and get married, what else is inside. This is a two-person for profit, not “love” and “contractmarriage”, and met all kinds of people, across a wide range of difficulties. so as to become a real “husband and wife” story.Actor list, BD/Fujioka Indigo, Birds travel thousands and/wild herbs last name.Ma Miaozi/norikaEight shenyu/Bai Zhouxun,Set,Le,Misaki/XiaoTian,Mali,The,bird,You,Yongzhi/wenshuiyangyi,GongLi/xiaoyewuyan, Secretary/Yamazaki silver Palace features of Cheng, Gong Li/jintengfangGong Lizi/Washio Machiko.

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