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Decoded Ep 19 Eng Sub Chinese Drama

Decoded Ep 19 Eng Sub Chinese Drama

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About Drama Decoded Ep 19

This time, they cannot know himself and team-mate who is caught, do not know if they can get out alive. At this time, water came the sound of Morse code, had been held in another warehouse Meng Xiaoyun signals, Jin Zhen first heard. Xiao Yun and Han Bing, agents as well as Pan Sen was held together, Xiao Yun with ears listen to Zhai Li, who is in a position, Han bing account first to determine their position. Thus, Zhai Li an excuse to go to the bathroom, walked out of the warehouse, Han Bing were found tied to the big blue banner, determines the Group’s room.

Decoded Ep 6 Eng Sub Chinese Drama
Decoded Ep 6 Eng Sub Chinese Drama

Drama Main Cast

Jing Chao (经超) as Zhao Qi Rong
Yin Xiao Tian as An Neng
Ady An as Shen Yu Er
Bai Qing Lin as Lei Ting
Wang Tong Hui as Liu Yi Ping
Gao Ming as Principle
Li Nan as Chen Jian Nian
Chen Xue Dong (陈学冬) as Rong Jin Zhen
Yu Bo as Lu Run
Gao Ming as Principle

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