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Microsoft Surface of high-end Smartphone is still alive?

Microsoft Surface of high-end Smartphone is still alive?

Some analysts believe some time ago, Microsoft has been gradually retreating from the smart-phone market, not only to sell part of its mobile phone business to Fu Zhikang (FIH Mobile) and HMD Global, then cut 1850 jobs, raised a $ 200 million as a severance pay for layoffs, Microsoft really the next step it is possible to turn off the mobile phone sector. But then the new rumors, Microsoft hinted in the ambiguous attitude of the Surface Phone still might debut next spring.
How the latest rumors Surface in phone?
Allegedly, Surface Smartphone will be available in three versions for different categories of buyers, one of which is consumer-oriented, another is the fever fans and fan-oriented, there is a positioning enterprise. Each grade are using unique specifications and features distinguish normal hardware specs the better, more powerful, higher prices.
Rumors said the Surface of entry-level phone will provide running 3GB RAM memory, although the default storage space only 32GB, but can be extended through microSD cards. Mid-range position of Surface cell phone offers 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage space. Final Surface of the hat to Phone, new rumors say it will be a monster of Smartphone, equipped with up to 8GB of RAM and 500 GB of storage space.
There are also rumors that one Surface smartphones may be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor shipments by the end of this year. But overall, third gear Surface about 5.0 to 6.0 inches screen size, but also support the ability to turn the mobile phone into a portable mini host. When Microsoft will use the powerful mobile flagship chip, with the beginning of 2017 for Windows 10 released a second wave of “Red Stone (Redstone)” big update, create the most outstanding in the history of Windows Smartphones.
There is no doubt that Microsoft is hoping that the device is able to cater for different levels of consumer, such as hat designed for most of our corporate customers to focus on production efficiency. It is obvious that these Surface smartphones can upgrade for Microsoft’s share of the global smart-phone market, according to Gartner statistics, after all, recent Windows Mobile’s market share has fallen below a 1%, was twice or even three times times is not difficult to grow, but the question is whether they can get more?
In addition, wants to improve market share, we certainly cannot ignore the stark facts, cheap Windows Mobile for a long time more popular than high-end flagship product. So, Microsoft Surface is there any reason next year cell phone?
Microsoft to launch Surface Smartphone?
Microsoft finally to discard the digest in the form of the acquisition of Nokia mobile phones businesses directly against Microsoft is that Apple and Google have lost out. But Microsoft’s CEO?? Sadiya·Nadela (Satya Nadella) refused to concede defeat, and reiterated the need for marketing of the three types of devices.

Nadela is clear, if you stop and abandon Windows 10 Mobile Mobile device directly, he proposed “One Windows” Grand unification (includes PC, laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, Xbox video game consoles and Internet devices) the concept of dream will be shattered. That just makes up the Continuum “PC phone second” feature, will be forgotten. However, with two of the characteristics Smartphone Lumia 950 and 950 XL, disappointing sales so far, even in April, United States also offer buy one get one free activity.
Learn from Microsoft announced last quarter performance reports, Microsoft smart phone hardware business fell by as much as 46%, mainly because of shrinking market share. Meanwhile, Surface equipment revenues grew by 61%,Surface Pro 4 and Surface demand for the Book is not low, but rose every year. Perhaps at this point, head of the Microsoft Surface team panuosi·panai (Panos Panay) have begun to suggest that Surface Smartphone project last year and subsequently revealed that the product is expected to attract mainstream business and consumer interest.
Key factors or to prevent Surface mobile success
Microsoft’s vision includes a point, as long as there are enough users to buy Surface Smartphone, Continuum model, there is hope to flourish, take advantage of the unified experience of desktop environments continue to competition between Apple and Google. Due to the Surface before the main Tablet and laptop “2-in-1” concept has been proved to be successful, Microsoft will be similar philosophy extends to the right on the Smartphone.
Now, however, the latest rumors mentioned above probably has some influence on the development of the concept. Although rumours referred only to one version of the Surface cell phone equipped with Snapdragon 830 processor, but given the support for the restructuring process had almost given up in mobile chips, so Microsoft developed Surface of the phone is more based on the ARM processor, rather than the x86. This limits the Surface cell phones morph desktop case, able to take advantage of traditional desktop applications, which may only run at present cannot be satisfactory number and quality of “universal application”.
Having said that, there will be a lot of people think of the Tablet Surface RT position that year. That’s right! The Tablet PCs failed is because of ARM chips let consumers choose to ignore, until Microsoft Surface back to the Intel x86 chipset based only success again.
Last year and early this year, there are rumors that Microsoft Surface mobile project in close cooperation to jointly build most suited to devices based on the Intel chip experience, so that Surface performance can match PC and supports running Win32 applications, quite exciting. However, more than Surface new rumors confirm back to Qualcomm chips, even Intel’s own also confirmed that smart phones and mobile chip die.
Microsoft spent a year window of time or more equivalent to leave Apple and Google to expand in the area of enterprise shares today in iOS and Android platforms have a lot of Windows-based applications that cloud, resulting in lower demand must use Windows. Many companies now allow BYOD bring your own equipment, and is designed to provide enterprise mobility solutions, but they use their devices more efficient. However, this may not include Windows Mobile phones.

Market to the Surface cell phones may be unfriendly
PC market has started to decline a few years ago, and this trend cannot change, so Microsoft opened a few years earlier another market for cross-border product categories, using the removable keyboard?? Surface up there is another still growing?? 2-in-1 device market, perfect to fill the gap between notebook and Tablet market.

Microsoft Surface of high-end Smartphone is still alive
Microsoft Surface of high-end Smartphone is still alive

Surface blur the boundaries between Tablet and notebook, very successful business model, Microsoft is hoping will continue through the same strategy?? Surface on a Smartphone, to fill a lightweight Tablet PC and Smartphone markets, or even super mini mobile PC host. However, solutions for mobile applications have become increasingly mature, could eventually obtain results not so ideal.

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