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Than business lines and vests line the beautiful neck line!

Than business lines and vests line the beautiful neck line!

Ear yesterday, means that summer has officially begun. More hot weather, shoulders and a half time, when dew than any sort of line, vest line and optimizes your hard-shoulder neckline is business good?
Shoulder and neck line, as the name suggests, is the line from the neck to the arms. If humpback shrugs again with a short thick neck, good face couldn’t hold Ah, not to mention the shoulder neckline in summer will inevitably show, if not beautiful, other than fat, whole temperament will be a lot worse.
Fortunately, now improved it’s not too late!

Cheats: shoulder rehabilitation exercises
Want to have beautiful shoulder, first open the shoulder blades. 10 minutes of time each day doing the simple recovery, in parallel with the improvement of hump, to a certain extent burn shoulder fat, eliminate round thick shoulder ~

Step1: rotate shoulders, relaxing the muscles.
Step 2: slowly clip after the shoulder blades on both sides, continued for more than 5 seconds.
Step 3: maintain the last action at the same time, stretching the shoulder blades down and continues for 10 seconds or so.
10 as a group, need to maintain at least 4 groups each day. Action is not in place, position in vain. (Knock on Blackboard) cheats II: neck and shoulder massage
Shoulder neck line for distribution of the lymph glands, lymph glands are unblocked, you can boost your metabolism, and made the old waste material discharge, improving blood circulation. Over time, will be able to develop a more beautiful, more translucent shoulder neckline!

How to unblocked? Massage, of course! Daily according to the face at the same time, and don’t forget to tell the time to the neck and shoulder position. Approach is very simple: after apply massage oil or massage cream, fisting his hands from under the ears started to push along the neck line to the clavicle, repeated 10 times a day, have a slight fever, flu is appropriate.

Scroll three: twisted ~ ~ ~
Can be heard each time the neck rotations “GA GA clop, clip clop” sound? That may well be the SOS distress signal from your shoulder and neck. Information age, always holding the phone, look at the gossip, brush your circle of friends, and what was the result? Due to the long time head leads to accumulation of fat in the neck, neck growing, accidentally became “phone ugly.”
‘S time to twist ~ ~ ~! This action can be done in the Office! On day one in the afternoon, not only neck and shoulder lines, and can also reduce the problems of cervical spondylosis.

Step 1: sit up, hands behind his back holds up, draw the shoulders open, the neck is straight.
Step 2: forward and reversed to the left of the body, the neck to the left as far as possible to the limit position.
Step 3: then reversed to the right of the body and neck was the same way.
Doing this during the reverse movement, regular breathing cannot be interrupted, turn left 5~8 times.

Scroll four: moisturizing firming
If these are made sure to stick, at least for your neck and shoulder lines are too ugly, but closer observation, fine lines, rough, dark … … OMG! How dare confident wearing strapless fit?
Daily skin care steps, set aside for 5 minutes to let your body. Neck and shoulder part of the particularly vulnerable, not only to do a good moisturizing and more compact needs to be strengthened in order to optimize curves. After the neck and shoulder massage while the skin slightly heating time, apply moisturizing firming on the effectiveness of body lotion or body cream, with a finger gently pressing on, to absorb.
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Than business lines and vests line the beautiful neck line!
Than business lines and vests line the beautiful neck line!

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